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"Blue Quarter"


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If you get a chance, check it out!

They're from Canmore. Drums, Bass and Chapman Stick (see www.stick.com). Kind of a mix of MMW/ Schofield style jazz, but more up beat with some Drum and Bass beats and sounds that would remind you of "The New Deal". It's their first time on the road in the Eastern area so give 'em some support. You won't regret it!!!

Oct. 5 - Le Swimming - Montreal, PQ

- 6 - Scherzo - Kingston, ON

- 7 - Babylon - Ottawa, On (with Jimi Swift Band)

- 8 - Circus Room - Kitchener, On

- 11 - Fanshaw College - London, ON (12:00noon)

- 11 - Red Dog - Peterborough, On (10:30pm)

- 12 - Casbah - Hamilton, On (openning for Parkside Jones)

- 13 - Comfort Zone - Toronto, On (openning for Low Flavour)

- 15 - Horseshoe Tavern - Toronto, On

- 18 - The Cellar - Fredericton, NB

- 19 - Barn - PEI

- 20 - The Attic - Hallifax, NS

- 23 - Chuggles - Antigonish, NS

-24,25 - The Brickyard - St. John, NB

- 26 - Tidal Pool - St Andrew's, NB

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Scherzo would actually be the perfect room to see this band. The room and the stage is small and probably not too many people will be out. I think they play really well in tight situations. In Canmore they used to play in a room every Friday that held about 50 people. They would sometimes jam untill 4 or 5 in the morning. The place was hoppin'!!!

Plus they'll probably be playing two sets as opposed to Babylon where they will be the oppeners. I suggest calling the venue first just to make sure it's going down.

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