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Going Going ~ BONDS!


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Bonds smacked his 70th homer in the ninth at Enron, matching Mark McGwire's single-season mark.

The Astros put on a disgusting display of sportsmanship during the series. I dont know how many people watched the events unfold on The Score but Houston walked Bonds 8 freaking times in the series. THey would not give him a pitch to hit.

Not only that but with Barry Bonds still one home run short of Mark McGwire's home run record and time beginning to run out on his season, the Astros intentionally walked him in the sixth inning Thursday night even though Houston trailed by seven runs at the time.

7 run lead...............

Check out these plate appearances and the ratio of strikes to balls:


No. 1: Hit a dribbler in front of plate on first pitch.


No. 2: Walked on four straight pitches.

No. 3: Grounded to shortstop on first pitch.

No. 4: Walked on four straight pitches.

No. 5: Ball one, hit by pitch.


No. 6: strike, hit by pitch.

No. 7: Ball, ball, strike, ball, ball four.

No. 8: Ball, single up the middle.

No. 9: Intentional walk.

No. 10: Ball, ball, foul, groundout to first.


No. 11: Ball, strike, ball, foul, strike three swinging.

No. 12: Walked on four pitches.

No. 13: Walked on four pitches.

No. 14: Ball, ball, then intentionally walked.

No. 15: Singles on first pitch.

Thursday: No. 16: Walked on four pitches.

No. 17: Foul, strike, foul, ball, ball, groundout to second.

No. 18: Walked on four pitches.

No. 19: Intentionally walked.

Total: 19 plate appearances, 14 strikes, 50 balls.

7 times he was walked on 4 straight pitches!

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Who cares about Bonds walking so much? With Kent hitting behind him, with a great average and RBI total, it's Houston's gamble. In case you've forgotten, the wheels are falling off Houston for first place. If I were Houston, I'd do anything I could to win. Fuck Bonds and the record. The ball's juiced anyway. Don't tell me it isn't. The real home run king is Roger Maris.

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Is this because he isnt Mark McGuire?

Ole Marky pumped LOTS of endepherine the year he became the home-run champ but you felt like that was a big feat. Why cant you recognize this accomplishment?

Dont let me throw out other possible reasons because you wont like hearing them.....

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I was afraid for a moment that they were just going to start rolling the balls into home plate so Bonds couldn`t hit them out. Of course he could have used a Driver instead of a bat to knock those out.

What Barry did is remarkable. All sports records can be debated when it involves different eras. The fact is he broke the record and is very deserving. He is possibly the best player of our generation and if not he`s right up there.

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I completey agree that Bonds is one of the best of our generation, we have been lucky over the past 20 years with the phenomenal athletes to grace our sports world.

It really is a shame that he isnt liked by the media, all because he doesnt put his life on the plate for all to see. Sort of like Mario Lemieux back in the day.

I say, put Barry in the Hall of Fame now.....

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Bonds is one of the greats of this generation. I don't care if people don't like him, especially the media and his teammates. To tell you the truth, I've cooled on records being broken in MLB. The game is being altered, for better or for worse. McGwire is no longer a fav of mine either. I've heard that he can be a jerk to fans, but MLB players have always had a reputation of being jerks with fans. I know this for a fact.

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