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What do you think of Oysterhead's cd?


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That is what I think.

Jaimoe, this is gonna be one fantastice show in TO!

You are so right, the album gets better as it goes on and the songs feel ALOT longer than they are "in a good way"

I can and I cant envision these songs in open=ended formats. Buy the album if you are going to the show.......

Wield The Spade!

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Some Oysterhead thoughts;

There's a few tracks that totally remind me of OLD Primus, back when they were more rock than weird....that Frizzle Fry groove they had on was great then, and I find Oysterhead can go to those same great places and beyond.

Trey has really found a place for his looping techniques to really take off.... It seems like somebody finally convinced him(or showed him) how to loop stuff in time with the tunes and he builds up some really cool stuff that wouldn't sound the same if they were just multitracked....

Also, I never really listened for the drummer when listening to the Police, but now that I go back and check out some tracks, Stuart Copeland really does hold his end up on that stuff.

I really like the sound of the album too.... Toby Wright, the guy who mixed it usually does heavier bands(Alice in Chains, Slayer, Fishbone, Primus)--i'm sure he was Les's choice! His work on the album is nothing short of amazing.

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I'm loving The Grand Pecking Order. Can envision the band laying into some heavy psychedelic rock jams out of some of the tunes. I think the cd sounds new and original. At times it definitely has a Primus feel to it, but still sounds fresh and unique. And yes, I agree with Tungsten, the cd is mixed and produced beautifully, and Trey's looping is (finally) winning me over big time. Actually, there are a lot of cool effects on the cd. It has a very full sound given the 3 piece lineup.

As for the tune The Grand Pecking Order, I keep thinking Tom Waits.

I am stoked by Les Claypool's bass playing. Man, that guy plays the bass guitar unlike anyone else. I am really hoping that he lays into some heavy bass jams when the band hits Toronto.

As for complaints about the cd, I really don't have any major ones. Les' voice is growing on me, and although I doubt I'll ever love it, at least it doesn't annoy me. And I do wish a couple of the tunes contained longer instumental sections. But I'm pretty confident that the live experience will give me that.

I can't help but thinking about the tune Army's on Ecstacy, given the current state of affairs in the world.

Bravo to Trey, Les, and Stuart Copeland for putting out a top notch release and for touring to support it. And thanks to Trey, Les, and Stuart for coming to both Toronto and Vancouver as part of the tour. What a treat for us Canadian phans!

I'm sure I'll see some of you in Toronto.

Peace, Mark

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