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Create a Jerry caption - Win a prize


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"Trouble ahead, Jerry's in red......."

hmm, I just read Reba's post and I liked it. So here is the deal. The best caption wins (all based on my laugh.if you dont like it, too bad). B&P included.

You have until opening kickoff of the Raiders-Indy game...........I pick the show (but we will talk to ensure it is not a duplicate/double).

You get one post, Reba, you get a second one if you wish.

I will email the winner$

if you want to know why you didnt win, email darkstarotherone@hotmail.com

in the Subject line, print - Create A Jerry Caption - , and write your caption.

If you won.......


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1. "Hey guys...hey, what are we talkin' about?"

2. (Thought balloon)

"Ok...I've been standing at this mic for 5 minutes and haven't said a word. How long can I keep this silence up? Man, this is awkward. I've never felt like such an idiot before. Why won't Phil bail me out? Why am I always the one that has to start the show? Assholes."

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