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Trey with Panic review


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Local Panic fans like to talk about the Seattle curse. For some

reason, WSP hasn't managed to play a good show in this town for years.

For this tour, Panic first hoped that a change of venue would be the

key for a better show. In fact, that's where they tried to play, the

Key Arena. Slow sales ruined that plan. They moved the show back to

the cursed venue - the Paramount Ballroom. Ticket sales were slow

still. I bought a floor ticket a week before the show happened.

People believed in the Seattle curse. Could the band break it?

The first set answered that question. The "Holden Oversoul -> Stop-Go

-> Dyin' Man" got even this Panic cynic up and dancing. In fact the

set closing "Makes Sense to Me" was so good that I turned to a friend

and said, "I understand now why people tour with these guys."

There was a rumor about this show. People had seen Trey in town the

night before at a DJ Logic show. If he's in town early for

Oysterhead, surely he would show up here. The suspense ended in the

middle of the second set. JB said, "I'd like to bring on an old

friend. Trey Anastasio"

They start playing a blues tune. Trey goes to the mic. Fixin' to

Die! Different arrangement and words from the Phish version but

still. JB sings a verse. Trey takes a solo. JB sings another verse.

Another solo. Back and forth, the entire crowd beaming.

The song finally comes to an end and they play.... Wish You Were

Here. JB sings the first two verses and then Trey plays one of the

best solos I have ever heard him play. Ok, maybe it was just the

surprise performance effect, but this was of those solos that make me

love Trey so. I thought I was going to collapse out of pure joy. Then

Trey sang the final verse. Yes, I do wish you were here Jon, Mike,

and Fish. Another solo was played and then JB sang the final verse,

followed by JB, Trey, and Schools singing.

This was followed by a long jam (I was too stunned to start my

stopwatch), which became a drums, Schools, and Trey jam. Trey wasn't

a token guest at all here. Throughout this entire part of the show,

Trey was the dominant force. He got to take most of the solos and

even got some singing time.

Sure the rest of the show was really good too (ending with a blistering

Coconuts), but the Wish You Were Here was the highlight.

12 years previous to the day, I saw my first Dark Star (10/16/89).

Now I see Trey play with Panic. The moral of the story? Never blow

off a show on 10/16

(He may just be right on that one!)

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