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Luther Wright


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Holy shit. That was one wicked performance. I giggled approximatly 1276 times realizing people in the bar didnt even know they were hearing Pink Floyd songs. "Vera what has become of you?"

One of the only times witnessing a pedal steel guitar player, and I wonder....Why havent I seen more of them? This guy could play with the best.

Hey RabidMonkey, lets get everyone to take a minute a say a prayer in hopes that the missing tele was located.

This was beyond a cover band last night. I cant recall having been more impressed by musicians who can take a song (or an album) and call it there own. Super-fast-fun-bluegrass.



Did did did did you see the frightened ones?

Did did did did you hear the falling bombs?

The flames are all long gone but the pain lingers on

Goodbye blue sky"

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Sorry for the seemingly multiple-personality rant there folks but Bouche is here and is too lazy to log-out and post under his own Username.

Hey Brad, what time are we picking you up?

Anyone that wishes to get a ride to Kingston with one of us, call 521-9511 within the next 30 minutes. Party at Myrna's for her b-day.....

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you don't even know who sarah harmer is.

Watch for these guys to pull off a full night show. I certainly wouldn't miss that.

The Pedal steel guitar is definately something that I've never seen up close before. I was shocked at what could be done with that. Incredible. Maybe the musician was just a genious, and created the illusion that the pedal steel is something so versatile.

I would have loved it if they had the banjo out there last night.

fun fun indeed.

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