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Burt Neilson clamps down on Free Speech


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We're still in shock but Abe just received the following email from apparently the whole Burt Neilson group. I thought posting it here was appropriate as they don't seem to be commenting on the content of my website (or anything Abe's done whatsoever) but the content of my posts here. I couldn't even imagine an American band worth their salt stooping to this level.

"After days of deliberation, the five members of Burt Neilson Band and their management team have concluded that you are an asshole and that your website is a waste of cyberspace. We would appreciate that in future, you do not mention BNB, either good or bad on your website as your opinion has been deemed worthless by the majority of the western hemisphere.Your tireless efforts in slagging the band have not gone unnoticed by the band or it's management. We appreciate your efforts and commend your desire to instigate argument and discussion. However, we advise that you take up a hobby, perhaps sewing or baking in order to provide excitement in a seemingly dull existence.Perhaps your efforts in slagging BNB would be more beneficial if they were put to use making a nice sweater or a tasty apple pie. Thanks for your dedication to knocking BNB, your participation is longer needed or necessary, we can slag ourselves just fine."

Thank you kindly,

Evan Newman

Manager - Burt Neilson Band


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