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speaking of nazis


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for someone that likes jambands, you seem like a real dick. i bet you're the guy that goes to shows and criticizes the drum fills and the band even though they're awesome like it's their job to impress you with the most technically perfect show.

it takes a lot more energy to talk hot stink air than it does to shut up and not say anything. Silence is usually a better tool. if you're so disappointed with BNB then listen to someone else or promote another band. I'm sure there'll be more than enough websites that would love to do what you're able to do.

why not start raving about the new warren haynes albums or something to get people to not talk about Burt.

for a northern head you're acting like a hotheaded drunk...at least a little. chill, dude.

go watch a basketball game or something.

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What has your website done for us lately. Nothing!

Canned beats summed it up pretty good. Most people in the jambands scene are really cool guys, but you Northern Heads seem to be huge pricks who have serious problems with everything.

Oh ya, all those international hits you had on your website were obviously mistakes. If you trying to tell us that people from all over the world are coming to your hack / disorganized / ugly / messy / irrelevent / content-lacking website just to hear you guys rant on about things you hate and Garth Hudson then I'm sure your very sadly mistaken.

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I don't really feel the need to respond but I will. The site is very disorganized, hack, slack, whatever. We are a slacker culture and so it's self-referential in some way. Mainly we're just too lazy to clean it up. The international traffic comes sometimes in response to someone yes like Garth Hudson (Norway has a huge Band fanbase, Germany etc.), Al Tuck (UK, Germany), Buck 65 (UK, Australia etc.), weird stories like Dock Ellis pitching a no-hitter on LSD get alot of traffic across the board, Whitey Bulger, and yes alot of random shit where people are looking for 'naked pictures of guys named Chris'.

I think the thing is that our site is called Northern Heads not Phish Sanctuary (or www.jerrygobyebyemesad.com for that matter). Lately we've been pricks because everyone shit down our throat when we wrote probably the first negative, or even just the suggestion of negativity, review anyone's ever written about Burt Neilson. Think about it it's called Music Criticism not Music Flattery or Music Jacking Off. I'm very interested in what makes us 'heads' but obviously we are all very different people and as David Hume put it 'truth is debatable not taste'. But check out Zeno's review, the guy doesn't have any axe to grind, he's not a part of all our petty bullshit and he's just calling it like he sees it. And that's that if you judge Burt by their own rule then yes they are kick ass. If you put them up against all the other great Canadian artists (Chris Brown and Kate Fenner, New Deal, Ron Sexsmith, Gord Downie, Rheostatics) where do they stand really. They're an oddity unless they work hard to reinvent themselves constantly- he who isn't busy being born is busy dying. If I have to come off like a prick, which apparently I am, to force some of that growth I am comfortable with that. I don't need to be buddies with these guys, I need to feel like my criticism is authentic- just like they need their art to feel authentic.Northern Heads

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I could really care less about what you think about Burt Neilson or anything else for that matter.

Comments like:

Fuck you chump wad what have you done for me lately.Northern Heads devil@northernheads.com

Make it obvious that you guys are immature, and while it is fun trying to put you guys down, nobody really cares about your lot trash viewpoints anyways. It seems like all negativety coming from your site, BNB, SCI, or nero for that matter.

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Heidi ho gentle folk...

i do just have one thing to mention about the Northern Heads front page article on this trainwreck of a discussion...

I dont' believe they should be calling phishsanctuary.com nazis in such an official looking way....

Firstly because it is not a term that should be thrown out so lightly

Secondly because this is a discussion group - the participants can not in any way represent the website. If they did, then the website would be forced to censor anything that they did not want to be associated with and THEN they would become nazis...


Phishsanctuary never put any articles up on the site regarding Northern Heads or anything in reference to this discussion board thread, it has remained a discussion among surfers.

i wish that out of respect for another website that Northern Heads would consider changing the word at least, if not the whole slant of their article. Perhaps "discussion board Zealots" would be a more appropriate phrase?


I also do NOT speak for the website, i am just another surfer -- i have never seen BNB or anything...


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I'm glad Bouche didn't feel personally attacked because obviously I did as did the Burt Neilson Band. None of this was intended. It went from being just a discussion group thread to a public matter when the Burt Neilson boys felt it pertinent to issue a formal press release. This release had nothing to do with the actual content of our website or anything I've written but rather was an ill conceived effort to stand up for themselves. If you actually look at everything I've written about Burt Neilson on either Jambase or Northern Heads it is incontrovertibly good stuff. There's a couple of jokey stories but when last I spoke to the guys they actually found that stuff funny. At some point it got very unfunny but I am suggesting that that was on this board and not necessarily on our site... until Burt Neilson responded to this admittedly low brow semi-sarcastic semi-dead serious shit.

Took those suggestions to heart and we're thinking about really embracing our Lot Trash roots. I really don't think anybody whose parents make less then six figures deserves to see this music anyways, and that goes for all those ethnics too.

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>> "but rather was an ill conceived effort to stand up for themselves"

-Every one of your posts these days seems to be an ill conceived effort to stand up for yourself.

>>"look at everything I've written about Burt Neilson on either Jambase or Northern Heads it is incontrovertibly good stuff."

-Ya, thats if you can get threw all the nonsense and mumbo jumbo and self-contradictory points made within the same article. That review you did on the Evolve festival was the worst review of anything I've ever read. It was a disgrace to the Canadian jam scene and to the Evolve festival. I'm sure the people who read that article had no clue what your were talking about especially regarding the Boognish. It was more about your acid trip then it was about the festival

>> "and that goes for all those ethnics too."

-a yes, so the nazi comment was not just by accident, you guys are in fact racists, very nicely done



Lot Trash is different then trailer trash. Lot Trash are the kids who go to the shows, who dont get along and harm the scene (ie. many DMB fans are considered Lot Trash, and your DMB roots are really starting to show through)

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I dont' have a clue what the last paragraph means, but i noticed that you took the nazi thing outta the commentary, so thanks bunches... and now back to the brawl... you crazy zealots wink.gif" border="0 !

oh alright.... i'll say it...

common now ladies, lets just kiss and make up eh?

can't we try? who'll be next?

you can do it just say "ok I'm sorry" or "ok lets just agree to disagree" or "lets just get high and forget the whole thing..."

i know you have it in you...

And graham, i dont' want to hear from you unless you have something nice to say wink.gif" border="0 j/k


ah crap graham, smile.gif" border="0 !!

i hit post on this and i see you've beat me to it ! frown.gif" border="0

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Well I dont have anything nice to say about this message thread but the international response from :

United Kingdom






Saudi Arabia





Russian Federation Australia



New Zealand Venezuala




Shows that they want me to continue saying bad things about Northern Heads.

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1 16487 27.22% 12396 24.48% 78112 22.45% Canada

2 14869 24.55% 12888 25.45% 95621 27.48% US Commercial

3 13807 22.79% 11412 22.53% 77924 22.39% Network

4 9107 15.03% 8016 15.83% 54282 15.60% Unresolved/Unknown

5 3507 5.79% 3200 6.32% 20354 5.85% USEducational

6 469 0.77% 433 0.86% 2858 0.82% United States

7 281 0.46% 271 0.54% 2141 0.62% United Kingdom

8 277 0.46% 277 0.55% 1647 0.47% Norway

9 173 0.29% 173 0.34% 1166 0.33% Germany

10 152 0.25% 152 0.30% 1028 0.30% US Government

11 146 0.24% 143 0.28% 732 0.21% Non-Profit

12 138 0.23% 138 0.27% 1305 0.37% Belgium

13 126 0.21% 125 0.25% 1198 0.34% Japan

14 86 0.14% 84 0.17% 668 0.19% Spain

15 77 0.13% 77 0.15% 653 0.19% Netherlands

16 73 0.12% 70 0.14% 623 0.18% Australia

17 73 0.12% 73 0.14% 677 0.19% Saudi Arabia

18 72 0.12% 71 0.14% 509 0.15% Greece

19 68 0.11% 68 0.13% 486 0.14% Argentina

20 63 0.10% 62 0.12% 238 0.07% Italy

21 56 0.09% 56 0.11% 476 0.14% Nepal

22 56 0.09% 56 0.11% 497 0.14% Russian Federation

23 46 0.08% 46 0.09% 235 0.07% Austria

24 46 0.08% 45 0.09% 362 0.10% Denmark

25 38 0.06% 36 0.07% 398 0.11% US Military

26 38 0.06% 37 0.07% 1353 0.39% France

27 31 0.05% 29 0.06% 199 0.06% New Zealand

28 29 0.05% 29 0.06% 234 0.07% Venezuela

29 28 0.05% 28 0.06% 277 0.08% Poland

30 25 0.04% 25 0.05% 106 0.03% Old style Arpanet

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