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after a busy afternoon out of the office..


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I was lucky enough to come back to the office, and and remember that i was saving a great gift for this message board. the gift of music. From the best new band to come up in the last 10 years.

Salty the pocketknife.

on Bass guitar. From Saved by the bell....

Mr Dustin Diamond. Better known as Screech!!!

Theres a good pic on their mp3.com page. It helps me get a little closer to my fantasy of strangling screech into a deep sleep.

Heeeeeey mR. Monkey.. Iiiiiii .... eee. s.. ..

shocked.gif" border="0salty- the pocketknife

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When are they coming to Babylon?

They have a new style of music. It's called

Nordic Viking Music (Zappa meets Conan the Destroyer)

I also think that Canned Beats can join the band. Check out their instrument lineup from the same info page.


Fly swatter, shoe horn, wash board, spoons, a pickle jar and Ahab's Ivory Peg-leg.

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