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Alright - I've noticed after to talking to the entire town of london that somehow Nero isn't a household name yet.

A few peple saw them play at the marijuana benefit and frontier town and even one guy saw them at evolve...it seems we need to get them on their way out of ottawa on tour.

i'll try to put up some recording time if other people can muster some other incentives for them to travel in their gas beast of a ford explorer and i'm not just talking about what the thing smells like a half hour after taco bell drive through.

hey boys...if you can make it down for friday, i'll record you to 2 inch off the floor...mixing'll come later...

email me nero...but in the meantime we've gotta get these boys away from home again. Autumn is a time of change and we've gotta get people hearing these guys.

plus, it'd be nice to hang out with nero again.

don't rush too much...we've gotta let it happen at a medium pace...less stress, y'know?!

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this summer - the day before i moved to london - the 18th of august, the day before the CD release party, there was a medicinal marijuana benefit concert near london that I missed and nero played it.

i wish i'd have been there.

and es, marijuana needs help...getting to me!

anyone with donations to the help canned beats get stee-oned foundation can send it to me here.

canned beats

198 cromwell street Apt 2b

London, ontario

N6A 1Z5

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