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great shows coming to Kitchener-Waterloo!

mark tonin

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Oct. 24 - Interstellar Root Cellar

Oct. 26 - Jomomma

Oct. 27 - Jukejoint

Oct. 31 - Pomoja

Nov. 1 - Mark Wilson & The Way It Is

Nov. 3 - Downtime - kick ass jammers from PEI

Nov. 9 - Gnu & The Ragtime Millionaires

Nov. 10 - Nero

Nov. 23 - Caution Jam

Nov. 24 - snack!

and every Wed. in November:

Mike Filipowitsch of BNB

More dates to come in the near future. Check out www.jambands.ca for updated info.

Peace, Mark

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Life in london is sweeeeeeet-ah. I admit there are a lot of apparently beautiful people all over the place, all the truly beautiful people are hiding away from the streets. I've seen the most beautiful 'hippie' (how else to describe a group of like-minded people that have a certain sensibility...) kind of people are hanging out not in public...

it's great when you meet one however.

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Hey, I didn't mean to STEAL YOUR FACE smile.gif" border="0

Actually, I didn't know that I had picked an avatar. And I didn't even know what avatar meant until I looked it up in a dictionary and it said "(in Hinduism) the descent to earth of a deity in human, animal, or superhuman form."

That's why I love this forum - so educational!

Hope my new selection isn't being used by anyone else. Or can there be more than 1 deity???


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I'll try to get the info for you after work tonight. Chris Briscoe is the man who does the booking there, I'll just try to get his info for you...

Are you guys friendly w/ the BNB guys? I'm imagining a show at The Casbah w/ Nero headlining and Mike from BNB opening with an acoustic set. Might bring out a few extra people to check y'all out... I don't believe Nero has played here before, have they?

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there's an awesome studio style venue called studiOK in London...if you play a show at CTO you could record live with room mic's there...awesome idea for an album, guys.

plus, you could always tell me when you'll be free to record at fanshawe if i can set it up...

the room's 200 bucks or halvsies with the venue...if nobody shows no loss...but if you fill the room it's half to the vvenue too...

if you could have a day show/recording show at studio K for southern ontario jamband fans and a show at CTO - or the BACCHUS LOUNGE for those people and many more, it'd be great.

i'd be at both of them.

woo hoo!!!

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