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SCI setlist from TO


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10/23/01 - The Phoenix Concert Theater, Toronto, ON

Set 1: Come As You Are, Joyful Sound, Indian Creek, Barstool, Bam, Climb > Jam > Way Back Home

Set 2: Blue Bossa, Missin' Me > All Blues Jam > Land's End Tease > San Jose, County, Best Feeling > Jam > Tom Thumb's Blues

Encore: Black Clouds


First Time Played: Bam (new instrumental, title as announced by Kyle), County (new instrumental, title as listed on stage setlist)

Of the 4 songs Harpua wanted to hear, he got Black Clouds in the encore spot, he must have went nuts as he danced around the Passed Out Guy!

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Was it a good show??? I was losing my shit ALL NIGHT! Come as you are was a strong opener... well jammed out... second set was SICK jamming! and a Black Clouds encore taboot.. which ws out of this world... Other than the security assholes and dumb lineup situation outside the night was awesome... but God do I hate the Phoenix!

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I've been to 6 or seven and last night was great even without my performance enhancing chemicals and herbs. The venue itself was great, nice and intimate, but the event staff were a bit out of hand. Starting with the partial strip search at the door, which made me cough a couple of times, and ending with security running into the crowd to extinguish any signs of smoke! That place was worse than any customs I've ever experienced. After all that anoying shit the cheese melted on stage! It was good. The mini lot scene was pretty cool too. See you guys back here for Oysterhead!!!!!!!

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You werent passed out this time?


I could say so much more here Mr PoG, but you know I wont and you know what I could say.

Hmm, I will say one thing though in case you are confused, Finger Lakes.

As for you Mr Andrews, worse than any border crossing?


"You havent used on of dese rubber tingys since choo were in I-Skool"

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What a night! Thanks SCI! Here's what I had to say.

Last night at the phoenix was definitely one to remember. All get right down to the point: The crowd was jumping and the band was feeling it.

Come As You Are: Great Opener! Got everyone moving

and had a HARD jam to open the show.

Joyful Sound: Standard but you gotta love Keith's singing.

Indian Creek: Good 'ole bluegrass. Hoppin back and forth.

Bartsool: This allowed me to listen to some good Nershi and gave me time to relax for what was coming up.

Bam: this new tune could be the funkiest I've ever heard from SCI. Kyle was ripping shit up. SO FUNKY. Couldn't stop dancing.

Climb>Jam>Way Back Home: Highlight for me. The climb jam was so intense with Kang playing some beautiful licks. Way Back Home was intense way to end the set!

II: Blue Bossa: interesting opener but nonetheless good call.

Missing Me>All Blues>Land's End Tease>San Jose: Yes this was as good as it looks. Missing me was grooving with a great lead into All Blues, then San Jose with great Toronto crowd participation.

County: New Tune, didn't really even notice it that much.

Best Feeling>Jam>Tom Thumb's: I was feeling a best feeling all night, and when it came.....WOW! GREAT version, well played with a nice jam into a great Tom Thumb's to end the set

E://Black Clouds: When you here Nershi say "we're gonna play some bluegrass now" the smile can't leave your face. Standard version but what a way to end the show.

Anyway, I just wanted to thank the cheese for finally coming back to Toronto. I hope the energetic crowd encourages them to come back so soon. (not have to wait another year and a half!) See you all in Troy and Syracuse! cool.gif" border="0shocked.gif" border="0grin.gif" border="0

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Great show. It was nice of the SCI boys to play such a great show, especially right after the cops towed away their tour bus. Thats right folks , we went down a little early, and thought one of the buses broke down but as it turned out, the bus drivers were asleep in a motel somewhere and the buses were parked in a non-parking zone right in front of the show so they were being towed. Nershi and Travis were mingling while Kang finished his dinner up on the bus before it was towed away.

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My heart is still glowing and my feet are still floating after those two shows. The band was so full of energy...so ready to share it with us. I feel so lucky that we got to see such intimate shows. Where else would we see waitress's carring a tray of beer through a crowd of crazy danceing hipppies(what talent!).

I got lots of bluegrass to two step to, and many great friends to share it with. Thanks everyone!

Nothing compliments a trip from Toronto to Montreal with a bunch of stinky boys like a greasy Bucket of Chicken....mmmm!

Reality gave me a cruel kick in the arse this morning when my alarm went off. I had to remind myself that there would be "good times around the bend"...and so there will be sooner then I thought. The stinky boys have lurred me into yet anoither adventure!!!! Looks like I will be in Troy tomorrow!!! shocked.gif" border="0

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