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Oysterhead in Vancouver


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My favorite quote:

Claypool: "Feel free to sing along (to the big finish of Mr. Oysterhead) because Stewart's used to that shit with The Police." Copeland laughed along with the crowd, which went home eyes glazed and smiling wide.[/]


Army's on Ecstacy

Owner of the World

Little Faces

Shadow of a Man

Pseudo Suicide

Radon Balloon

Rubberneck Lions

Birthday Boys

Oz is Ever Floating

Mr Oysterhead


Wield the Spade

My Generation

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My Generation is a bit of a surprise Andre, however, Copeland is a huge Moon admirer. He plays a Moon-like solo on Roger Daltrey's Under A Raging Moon song and it fucking kicks. Copeland is a freaking drumming monster. As I said before, he may be the craziest member of a truly crazy band. Bless them all. I bet Frank Zappa's proud.

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I've seen Police documentaries. Copeland is nuts. Les is weird, but Copeland could be institutionalized. Hey, Sloan is live at Much in 30 minutes. I'm rolling the commercial breaks. I hope I don't fuck up. If I do, you'll know. Sloan's a good band, and they play guitar solos!!

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