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Who's heard from Kiwi Paul?

Dave Eh

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Last thing he wrote was this: (I got it on Bobby Weir's b-day)

hey dude,

i'm just coming from an island (great barrier island)

where there ain't no computies. but i'm back on the

north island of NZ, in Pahia. I'm sellin' sushi rolls

on the beach this weekend. I'm makin' 100 of 'em. It's

a long weekend and this is a beach town. Havin' a

great time. I dreamed that ya'll were here with me

last night. I wish. Me and this guy from BC (Derek)

are drivin' a 1970 ford cortina all over. nice ride.

how'd the raider's do. I keep missin' em.

Love to all. Pola.

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