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Oysterhead in Vancouver


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"When all else has been done and said, along comes for Mr. Oysterhead..."


The Orpheum is the most beautiful and ornate venues in Vancouver, the acoustics are flawless and the security is non-existent.

I can't give an exact set-list, but I can tell you that they played their album almost exclusively - Opening with "Army's on Ecstacy", Les was wearing a face mask with a long nose on it and was leaning down close to taunt the front row with the heroic bass-stylings.

Trey was a bit more low key, (compared with Les) however, he did have a strange guitar made from what appeared to be antlers that he did wield for a short time, plus he didn't miss an opportunity to wail like a superhuman.

Stewart was solid, with both a drum kit and a percussion "play-area" next to the kit which he peformed his more interesting beats during especially "Birthday Boys". This was the only song which Trey played an acoustic and spoke to the crowd briefly, saying Vancouver was a "..cool and beautiful city."

Another hightlight was when Les put on a football helmet with lights and a microphone on it and sang "Shadow of a Man" - which was probably the most surreal moment (of many surreal moments).

Oh.... and brace yourself for Stewart's incomprehensible angry slam poetry, performed near the end of the show, while Les plays a stand-up electric bass a la Wasserman. Quite shocking.

One of the encores was "Our Generation" by The Who (with Les singing) in which Trey kept upping the key and giggling at Les.

Nobody sat down, nobody took their eyes off the stage, nothing but big smiles afterwards.

Oysterhead did not disappoint.


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