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Weird Toronto show review!


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Ok, I got an email from someone about the SCI show and I can't believe it.....was this guy at a different show than I was or did anyone else find it like this?

"SCI Fall Tour kicked-off last night here in Toronto. Started the evening

by meeting up with Glenn Tucker, Rob Edds, Glen Cockburn and a few other

show buddies for some fine beers after a hard day of work. We made our

way up to the bar/venue just before 9pm and met up with Oats and Neil

and saw Tovi inside. We were greeted by two monstrous lines to get in.

It was soon realized that they were both simply merging into the one

door that was open for entrance. We had to wait for a LONG time to get

to the security check. This was unbelievable. There were 3 people

checking EVERYONE that was entering the show. Major search, not just a

simple pat-down. So many people were losing shit at the door. They were

rifling through pockets, in shoes, grabbing crotches, cigarette packs,

etc. Glen got his nice glass one-hitter taken and I luckily made it in

with some {sld}. This was a ridiculous start to the evening.

After getting the tix from will-call we got in to the concert floor and

the band was just finishing the CAYA opener. The floor was divided in

half diagonally to separate the area that was serviced by the bars and

the other was alcohol-free. Bizarre set-up that made for impossible

movement around an already over-packed venue.

The first set was really nice. The band was playing really well. They

didn't have the full lighting system up and were using the house PA and

lights. This will be the same in Montreal tonight. I'm eager to see the

"full" setup in Troy and Syracuse this weekend.

The second set was a smoker. I was lucky to hear a lot of it, but

unfortunately had to enjoy the last 30mins (Best Feeling > Jam > Tom

Thumb's Blues E: Black Clouds) from the outside. The security Nazis

decided that I was a huge problem because I decided to indulge in a

little {sld} with my friends. No point in even talking with these goons.

I simply complied without speaking, turned around and walked out without

them laying a finger on me. I was quite concerned that I may actually

have had to deal with some bad shit once I got outside, but the security

returned to the show to hassle more FOCs. Oh well, lesson learned. The

venue sucks and the treatment of customers was piss poor.

After listening to the security guards outside laughing about the fans

and how they were bullying and scaring a lot of them I decided to just

walk back in. No problem and I saw tail end of the Black Clouds. Black

Clouds ... perfect encore for a strange evening.

Hung out at talked with JonO after the show. He didn't seem to have had

a very good show either. Maybe it's 'start of tour' shit, I don't know,

and didn't ask. He took Glenn and I back to one of the rooms where we

relaxed and shared in some more {sld}. Went for a bite to eat and then

headed home and got to sleep at 4am. I am really dragging today .

I am sooo looking forward to the shows this weekend, but I really hope

we don't have to experience excessive security shit like that again.


Kanada Kev =8)

p.s. - and Glenn got his glass back after the show (luckily)

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What's "sld"?

I had no problems at the show. Nor did anyone I know. The search was a little crazy, and I did find it a little weird that the bouncer lady that searched me and many other people actually showed her enjoyment in grabbing our crotches. shocked.gif" border="0

Anyways, I'm not a big SCI fan, but I definetely enjoyed myself.

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I was at the montreal show adn hearing all about the security issues and crowd and whatnot. Unfortunate. Security was SUPER lax at Club Soda (like openly packing a bowl while you make your beer order with the waitress lax), but it was also really packed. Great show though! Sharing it on DC right now.

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ALso, if the person your trying to download from doesn't have any open slots, they try searching for other people who do. For example, UnitMonster is full right now, but I'm getting the show from Fleckhead.

Blane, thanks for taping the show man, how does it sound?

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-click 'connect' at the top left of the screen

-a window pops up with the captio 'Connect to hub:'

-type in shnapster.dyndns.org in the address: box at the bottomo of that windows

-click on the connect button of that window

if all is good, you will see a list of connected users in a window on the right

right-clicking on them gives a menu of options

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