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Yha, it WAS packed...so much to the point that I left my dancing nook (about 10 ft. from stage, dead center) to go dance with the rest of the team

At least you didn't go to Montreal exspecting to get a ticket.....I saw Jay out front early trying to get tickets for him and his 15yrs. old nephew..

Not sure if he got in frown.gif" border="0frown.gif" border="0

Other than that everything was great....no hassles

like I read were at the T.O show(security and wierd floor layouts) And a mind blowing 2nd set..

Giggles grin.gif" border="0grin.gif" border="0grin.gif" border="0

-you can't bust me, 'cause you don't know what you found.....

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Wow, this show was just plain and simply unbelievable. Everything about it. The crowd, the venue, so high energy, just seemed like the entire place was bouncing up and down non-stop all night.

One funny story. After the end of the second set Nershi stayed on the stage for a minute motioning for what looked like something to smoke. Before long something wink.gif" border="0 was thrown up on stage to him, he picked it up and smiled as he went backstage. I wonder what that was all about? wink.gif" border="0

I'll write more tonight after work about the shows.

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This show kicked my ass...What a second set!!!!


10/24/01 - Club Soda, Montreal, QB

Set 1: Lonesome Fiddle Blues, Miss Brown's Teahouse, Dudley's Kitchen, Hotel Window, Mouna Bowa, Sing a New Song > Jam > Sittin' on Top of the World

Set 2: Texas > Jam > On the Road, Cedar, Dream, Wake Up > Jam > Shine

Encore: Crosstown Traffic

Encore 2: Bluegrass Instrumental, Good Times Around the Bend


First Time Played: Hotel Window (Nershi original, also played at 10/3/2001 Billy/Liza show), Dream (Keith original, title as listed on stage setlist), Bluegrass Instrumental (title to be determined)

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