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GTB mailing list?


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I'm just wondering who is on the GTB mailing list. I've received a couple of mailings from them, concerning tour dates, and this one most recently. I wanted to post it to make sure that Giggles saw the PS.

As I perform the daily surf through various websites and homepages, I feel the urge to share with others the glorious news from the world dominated by Grand Theft Bus. The world I speak of is perhaps the fastest growing entity within our solar system, picking up speed like a greyhound fleeing smokies on the ninety- five. The center of this whirlwind is the maritime region of Canada and its population consists of toddlers to grandparents, all having one thing in common. An appreciation of the music crafted and delivered by this band. Whether people are getting their fill by sweatin' it out at a club or listening to a recorded show at home, toes are tappin' and chins be bobbin'. Staple tunes like Boltneck, Street Sleeper,Climb and Weight of Circumstance continue to provide energetic, pulsing jams encompassing techno, disco, metal

and world beats (among others). Some well placed systematic silence, dares you to take a step onto the dancefloor before the eminent explosion ensues. A personal favourite Ignition has been a

consistent producer of flowing on the spot creativity resulting in some of the most woderful sounds to grace this cats' ears. The music of GTB can be heard in shops, houses, cars and hum alongs throughout the wonderful maritimes (and spreading) leaving one only to wonder how much longer we must wait for a studio

recording and eventually global domination. I feel as though I caould ramble for hours describing the sentiments stirred by Grand Theft Bus and their continued exploration into the unknown, yet I digress with urges for anyone presented an opportunity to catch the bus to capitalize on it. This is my stop, later. Spliff

P.S. Cheers to Giggles for the excellent review of SCI @ Club Soda, I agree that the 2nd set may have been the best ever Cheese.

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