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Disco Biscuits in Vancouver


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Just saw Disco Biscuits at the Wett Bar in Vancouver. There was a last minute change of venue because the band couldn't fit all their shit on the stage at the Starfish Room. The vunue turned out to be ideal due to its large dancefloor and extra long stage.

They played the first 10 minutes hidden from view behind a screen that was playing Charlie Brown's Holloween special then they cranked out a jam meltdown set, heavy on dance beats and trippy synth.

Some of their stuff reminded me of the kind of whacked-out jazz that Phish plays like 'Reba'. There was a definate Phish influence present, along with electronica. They were impressively tight and diverse, although the singing was shit (no wonder they don't sing much) They had explosive highs and nailed some killer grooves as well. That guitarist plays like a muthafucka!

I heard some people say that the band had vastly improved since their last showing in Vancouver in 1999. I thought they were awesome either way. In this genre, however, I'm still a bigger fan of sts9 and Particle. (If you haven't heard Particle - go to: www.particlepeople.com and check out their downloads.)

I hope this adds flavour to your life somehow...


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