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The D


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i saw them on Oct. 24th at the Wiltshire in LA!

great show...hilarious.

at one point, a sasquatch came out, along with spiderman, fought bin laden, and kicked his ass...and shat on him!! it was killer.

also, for setbreak they played a 5 min video of jack black on the side of the road, being a male hooker, making blow-job motions to cars passing-by!! then he got picked up by the other dude (gass???) and he gave him a very messy BJ!!!

the whole show was hilarious...that jack black can sing! they played for around 2-2 1/2 hrs. straight (except for the vid).

i'd recommend anyone who like crass humour to hit their show if possible. they rock...nice, joyful, stoned crowd too.

here's to the D.


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