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Ragtime Millionares/ GNU band


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Both bands are the same people. Usually, the first set is Ragtime, second is GNU. Ragtime is acoustic Ragtime style jazz. Kind of blugrassy, kind of Django Reinhart(ish) or Stephan Grappelli(ish). I've even heard them play songs like Midnight Moonlight. GNU band is electric. It's a much heavier funkier jazz. They play a lot of their own music, but have been known to play some Mahavishnu Orchestra or Miles Davis or stuff like that. They're amazing!

They're from Victoria and have been on the road for the past month and a half. On this tour they've hit a few places in Ontario, a bunch of Upstate New York venues, and recentely did some East Coast gigs alone and with Grand Theft Bus. They're wrapping up their tour and here are the dates:

2001-11-07 Kingston, ON - Schertzo

2001-11-08 Toronto, ON -The Leopard Lounge

2001-11-09 Kitchener, ON -The Circus Room

2001-11-10 Sudbury, ON -The Townhouse Pub

2001-11-13 Thunder Bay, ON -The Apollo

Check 'em out if you can. www.gnu.ca

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