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It was a pyrrhic victory for sure. They won alright but it was bloody and at what cost. Had to be hands down the most psychedelic evocation and experience of music in my few troubled years. Had a nice spot right in front of Trey on the floor for the bulk of it. He was stoic for sometime then really getting into it, seemed to be looking at the people in front of him and for some odd reason was really zoomed into some kids in the stage left balcony for one of his more out solos. Then he broke the stoic silence when he sat down to do a beautifully restful and much needed acoustic guitar piece saying he regretted not learning Big Joe Mufferaw by Stompin Tom Connors. Les chimed in about this asking people in the audience if they new Stompin Tom and that there was a party later at eeerrr eeeer and would he be there. So trippy Les, with the vocal effects, lights on his glasses at points learing into the audience with a body mic on. Trey played his antler guitar like a Theremin, that was just too much too believe. Stewart did a big overblown Megalomania rant that was absolutely priceless. Very heavy, very funny, very Other.

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Thats weird!

We also got a very surly tow-man, who was sleeping before we broke down.. he wasn't happy, especially when 4 of us squeezed into the cab of his truck. Luckily we smoked a fattie right before he pulled up, so the drive was actually pretty entertaining. We played- guess that theme song. I was surprised nobody recognized Family Ties. Or maybe no one was listening?

grin.gif" border="0

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11/07/01 Massey Hall Toronto, ONT

Dinner Is Ruined opened (instead of The Cancer Conspiracy)

The Grand Pecking Order, Pseudo Suicide, Owner Of The World, Radon Balloon, Army's On Ecstasy,

Polka Dot Rose, Shadow Of A Man, Oz Is Ever Floating, Wield The Spade, Birthday Boys,

Rubberneck Lions, Mr. Oysterhead

E: Changes

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Oh Yeah!

And I thought 'Dinner is Ruined' was the worst shit I've seen live since i was 15. Their attempt at avant-garde came across like 3 retards let loose in a hardware store.

Guitar player- noise wanker (with no originality or taste), drummer- kept fucking up and sounded like barf, keyboard guy (who got to fucking set up on trey's carpet!) inaudible!

The best way to describe them came from the woman sitting next to us..

"they're trying so desperatly to be interesting.."

didn't work- sparse, forced applause echoed my sentiments. BLEEECH!

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Great show, I was right down near the front trey side and besides the overall volume of Stuart during his 'wield the spade' rant, no complaints.... I noticed Trey looking up in the balcony as well when he was spaced out... i envisioned some crazed hippie playing air guitar and trey following his hands--some kinda sign-language solo.... ahh that coulda just been me though. Les really shone last night, some truly wicked moments, but There was a couple times when I got the sense he or Trey wasn't really sure where to go... maybe where they were 'allowed' to go. I watched Trey stomp through ten different efx on one solo trying to find a sound he could go with, and by the time he found one, the solo was over and it was back to the chorus... strange.

As for dinner is ruined; Pundits in the review must have a hayday when it comes to their name: "That's not all that's ruined" "They ruined more than my dinner" "Dinner? How can I eat with all this racket" and so forth...

yeah I came in near the end of their set, but not near enough... I caught a bunch of their stuff at Hillside Festival and when they sat in on other peoples stuff it was fine but when they lead the show... time for a beer on the other side of the island. I mean, I'm all up for people playing the bicycle, but I wish I had the option of throwing a toonie is his cap and walking away....Correct me if i'm wrong but the drummer is Don Kerr of Rheostatics fame. They were kinda like what I envisioned Larry, Darryl and Daryl from Newhart would be if they had a band....

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Wow - did I ever enjoy last night's show. Ended up at the very top of Massey Hall in the gallery, dancing in the aisle behind the last row of seats, which was great as I wasn't confined by my seat or by security. The only drag was the guy beside me who insisted on clapping far too often.

Thoroughly enjoyed all 3 band members and what they did. Les Claypool is a banjo bass playing freak. Loved what he did all night, but especially when he played that banjo bass. Trey did seem "lost" or "spaced" a few times, but when he was on, man did he let loose. Plus the guitar came through loud and clear up high were we were. There were a few times where Trey led a jam that got so intense it "exploded" - kind of like a train picking up so much speed and then flying off the track. Do I ever love it when a band does that!!! Could have used more bass volume but overall a really nice sound mix.

Music highlights for me:

Pseudo Suicide (especially how it followed The Grand Pecking Order)

Polka Dot Rose - my new favourite tune on the cd

Oz Is Ever Floating

Rubberneck Lions - this one brought a huge grin to my face when I heard the line "Three strips of bacon on my toasted head, Two over easy on a roll and I'm fed"

What a treat to be at the show.

I was very disappointed with Dinner Is Ruined. I know Dr. Pee (the keyboard player) really well, and also Dale Morningstar, the guitar player, and so I wanted to like their show. But honestly, it didn't do it for me. The first time I heard the band about a year ago I was really impressed, as they played a lot of rock-oriented music - still way out there, but accessible enough for me to enjoy. Last night they were mostly just trying to be interesting rather than actually playing anything interesting, imo. For a second I thought they were going to lock into something when they broke into "Ray Charles Party" but then they lost it before they really had it. A shame, as there are a lot of Canadian bands that are more deserving of the stage - especially the stage at Massey Hall opening for Oysterhead.

Peace, Mark

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i agree with so much of what you say mark. Les needed to be turned up!!!!! and i was front row balcony stage right. so les was right beneath me. like literally i could have reached down and touch him. it was great watching him freak out the security guards with his crash helmet. polkadot rose is my new favorite song as well. so much fun. les is so freaky.


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Oysterhead was definiltey something else. Not as much a heavy metal show as i was expecting.. Trey and Les play off each other so well, but I felt like Stewart Copeland only had two volume settings.. I liked the second Ottawa reference this week.. Les sang the first line of Muferaw Joe before the encore which is something like " Big Muferaw Joe from Ottawa canada" or something.

tommy the cat tease was nice.. My favorite part of the night was the claypool banjo-bass solo, Followed by Les SCreaming..

"Give it up for MEEE!!" His primus march was in full effect too, I would've liked to have seen his pogo move, but that didn't come out.

And it was great to see so many familiar faces.

Too bad we had to break down on the 416 right near Kemptville at 4am!!!

wink.gif" border="0

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That was indeed an amazing evening. I'm certainly glad that we stayed at the Library pub until 8:40. It was nice to get a couple more drinks in rather than ruining my dinner.

I had a great time. I would like to see more Oysterhead as it was very hard to take in all 3 members properly. I am not satisfied. I need more. Trey is so fantastic to watch in such close proximity.

a few items to mention...

- a note was "played" in Mr. Oysterhead that was a really low frequency bass note of a chord. It was too low to actually hear, but it could be felt, and that was a very strange feeling.

- Birthday Boys is a great tune, and I was so glad when I saw Trey grab his acoustic, and it was great that the used that tune to fuck around.

Mufaraw Joe references were great. I was very uneasy about the crowd's attempt to be part of the band with all the clapping. Trey appeared to me to not want to continue with that, and laughed. That's when he called on Les to wreak havoc with his banjo bass. I think that he was pointing that the clappers were a bunch of Stompin Tom sympathizers.

- I took about a dozen or so shots up at the front. a security guy poked me and said that it wasn't allowed. I got greedy when the lights went really bright and took some more. That's when the asshole came over. I had to delete them all. bummer.

- the lights were incredible. It was like watching a 3D canvas. What a beautiful place to have phish's lightshow. At one point, some colorful streams were desending downward along either side of the theatre, and I felt like I was standing on a well lit escalator.

Les: "All the world's a stage was recorded here!"

Dude in the audience: Yahooo! WOOOHOOO!!

Rest of audience: silence

Dude in the audience: Fuckin' Phish heads! you don't know anything. Go back to your flakey Phishbowl!

Trey: You said it Jaimoe!

I heard that Trey actually sang to Passed out guy. Lucky guy.

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For the first four or five songs, I was thinking that those guys were too good to be playing together on the same stage... I just couldn't keep my eyes concentrated on what one of them was doing. Trey was using all kinds of "sounds" not chords or notes in particular. Les was "fun", I mean who doesn't like a guy who is 6+ feet tall and marches around high stepping in beat, in coveralls! Mention of Stewart is almost a farce, as who can explain what that monster does. Sure it was like watching Jerry Springer play drums the way he learned from Max Weinberg- but he's got more beat in his body than Rodney King. I was stunned by his playing all night long.

My favorites of the show were Mr Oysterhead, He Used to be the Owner of the World and Oz is Ever Floating. Much like the album I really enjoyed the complimentary sounds when Trey and Les sung together. I mean neither of those guys will ever be on Broadway for their pipes, but they certainly blew me away.

As I settled down (I was on the floor around 20 rows back) I noticed HOW Trey was playing. I have seen him in many different setups now (99 tour from the front row, endless Phish shows, All Access w/ BB King, 01 Summer Tour, and the VYO performance in Troy) and was impressed after hearing the album, how he worked his sound into the mix. I heard things on the album that I didn't understand what was going on and then saw his hands moving and it all made sense. Subtlety ws the key as he faded in and out of some of the jams, and minimized his wanking to the "big solos". I did notice once or twice when his pedal fetish made him miss a solo, but he is Trey and without the use of 746 pedals it wouldn't be the same.

There were lots of moments when I thought that Les' playing was better than it had been at all of the other Primus shows I had attended. The use of staccato riffs in many of the songs gave a real thunderous drive. And to see him and Trey looking back at one another looking for that sweet spot- Damn it was exciting. Plus I thought that Les was the consummate showman, allowing for some humorous moments despite the dark rock.

I just wanted to rant. I have yet to see a show that stirred such intense emotions in me. I couldn't figure out if I wanted to groove, throw my fists in the air, or run screaming from the venue. And this isn't just a star***ker rant either, because I thought Weild the Spade among other songs were hideous performances worthy of a German death metal band.

Good to see all of the boys from Burt, Fatties, and of course Jomomma out and having a good time. I hope that everyone had a blast at the Cozo afterwards, we had to jet back to Guelph after the show.

See you out next time!

And for those who have yet to go to shows without tickets; Don't underestimate the power of taking a scalper to the cleaners.I have seen a whack of shows this summer for LESS than $20....

Janes Addiction- $4

Paul Simon/ Brian Wilson- $10

Eric Clapton- $20

Tool- $20

Lowest of the Low- Free (thanks to phunkyb)

Dave Matthews- 2 for $30

WWF Smackdown (I know I know)- $5

Oysterhead- $5

Just a thought for those who would forego a show because of money considerations.......

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I pretty much knew what to expect from Trey and Les, but Stewart blew me away. I have never seen drumming that was so fiery and precise. I think he played more beats in the first couple of songs than most bands play in a whole show.

I think the ultimate measure of how good Copeland was came from my buddy Ed, whom I invited along because he considers Copeland so good. Ed used to play drums in our high school orchestra, but hasn't had a stick in his hand in, well, over 15 years. "You know," said, after seeing Copeland play, "I'm itching to start playing again..."



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