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Hey all, Scottieking here,

I've got to say, this board has some definite potential to further expand our Canadian head community. To whomever runs the site, keep up the good work cause I know it's hardwork. I've been doing this online thing on again off again since '98 and have been a phan for waaay longer and felt since I intend to be using this board a little more often (once again thanks to Ottawa lads down last weekend for bringin me on, Saturday afternoon just won't be the same) I'd let you cats who don't know me from the Canadian Tape Traders Board what I'm about.

The reason I love these things is that it serves as such a potential positive force for all who choose to get involved. Sure, opinions are great and need to be expressed but play nice, don't give in to bias, and try to hear the other side. I guess that's the teacher in me talkin. I guess I'm just trying to feel out if this is a place where this is going to be accepted or mocked. I know that it's the coolest feeling to finally meet somebody at a show that you've been trading or just hangin with online. Guys like Mark Tonin or MarcO who I've only known in cyberspace that have suddenly popped to life at shows BLAM instant friendships. I know I'm rambling (could be the drugs) but wouldn't you rather start it off with "Great to meet you" instead of a "Oh YOUR ________ who called me a ______" Ah well, food for thought.

Hey, if you made it this far, congrats and thank-you. Anyway, here's a good one for discussion always. Top 5 things in Permanent Rotation on your stereo

1. New Deal - new album, too good

2. Tom Waits - Rain Dogs - found it at Music World for $5.99 - classic

3. SCI - 3/10/01 - mmmm, soundboard

4. Sloan - Pretty Together - sucker for a good harmony

5. Rheostatics - Night of the Shooting Stars - their latest and IMO one of their finest

Dig it. Discuss it. If I could too at this moment put out a request for anyone who has a nice copy of A)MMW - Toronto Jazz Fest

B)Trey Band - Deer Creek/01

please email or otherwise

Great to be here. Thanks for reading.



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Nice to meet you Scottie-King.....

1 - Johnny Cash - Solitary Man

2 - Garcia, Grisman and Rice - The Pizza Tapes

3 - SCI - 03-10-01

4 - Phil and Friends - 07-14-01

5 - Radiohead - 09-15-00

Books: tuesday from a '78 Skylark - Kevin J Pecore

(Karen Brennanenenenenen's brother!)

Movies: Momento

Games: MarioGolf

TV Shows: Family Guy

Brain: gone

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Hi Scottie!

You are so accurate describing how incredible it is to meet people that you've only chatted and interracted electronically with.

There is an overwhelming amount of people that need to be brought together and this is definately a successful way.

There are many things I wouldn't have heard about if it wasn't for this incredible group of people sharing their interests, common or not, with each other.

I like your permanent rotation device. You have got me thinking that there should be a spot on this site for that sort of advice.

BTW, I heard a track off of that rheostatics on Queen's radio today as I drove through Kingston. I thought that it might be something to look for. I guess they just played in Kingston the other night.

Which reminds me...the movie Whale Music, featuring the rheostatics is fantastic.

keep up the happy vibes

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Scottie King is, indeed, a decent and nice man. Cheers to you Scottie! I look forward to meeting more of you - hey, there is a bit of a chance that I may be in the Ottawa area around Xmas time, I'd love to check out the local scene... I'll be sure to try to see what's happening if I make it that way.

Anyway, in the context that I've been moving/renovating/working/studying (well maybe not enough of that) all week, here's my 5 Heavy Rotation picks, in no particular order:

Ween - Chocolate and Cheese

The New Deal - 8-16-01 Toronto

The Beatles - A Hard Day's Night

Steely Dan - Katy Lied

Shannon Lyon - Summer Blonde

Nice stuff, fun to paint walls to. Peace!

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Hey there Scottieking and everyone else!

It was so nice to run into you the way that I did at Frontier Town. There is nothing quite like meeting someone in person that you've already met in cyberspace, especially when the meeting is unplanned or unexpected.

Yes, the scene seems to be vibrant and growing. Lots of great people spreading sweet sounds and postive vibes. It seems as if I run into friends and familiar people now every time I go to a show. And I can't see this train slowing down any time soon. I mean really, are all of these cool music lovers going to stop going to shows? Yes, people may find that they have less time for live music depending on their current work and life situation, but I started going to live shows when I was 16 and now I'm 37 and still nothing beats a live music experience, in my opinion. That's my morning ramble.

5 cd's that I'm listening to these days:

The Greyboy Allstars Live

Karl Denson's new one - Dance Mix #2 (I think that's the title)

Oysterhead - The Grand Pecking Order

BNB from the May long weekend at Frontier Town

moe. "L"

Peace, Mark

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Hey Scottie you've inspired me to come out of the wood work and make some posts, First of all I must say that being new to this scene and never being to a Phish show, Oysterhead was my first time seeing Trey and it fucking blew my mind, wow, wow, wow.

Current rotation

Keller (can't remember the date)

Phish 4-22-93

Fur Packed Action - Great band from Newfoundland.

Those of you I've met it's been a blast and hopefully I'll get a chance to meet some more of ya.

Yeah I was a leaf on the Trey show and I recieved my disks on Wens. Thanks for the extra disk Harry I was able to get a listen on the way to TO.

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Hey Scottie,

(brahm's pal, Jay here...) Good to see you on the board.. I wish i had seen your britney show, brahm was raving about it, and now shane too.. one day. hope all is well, teachin and all..

heres my current top 5.

1-Tenacious D

2-TAB RedRocks july18

3-Pavement (brighten the corners)

4-MMW- 10.02.01

5-Jeff Beck-Blow by blow

blush.gif" border="0

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Salutations, since moving to Toronto, being unemployed and on the internet alot, I have quickly become addicted to checking this page. I figured I should try to become a participating member of the community by posting the odd message.... I wish I would have met some of you cats who were out at the Comfort Zone after Oysterhead, but I was a little bit bleary to be going up & talking to strangers wink.gif" border="0 . Soon enough, I am sure. Anyway, a current top 5 :

Phish 12/11/99, Disc 2 (the first set rocks too but that 2nd "kick out the funk" set kicks my ass every time.

John Scofield, Bump

Led Zeppelin 3 (nostalgic, I know)

The Beatles, Abbey Road ( a headphones extravaganza)

Weather Report, 8:30 (Jaco is THE man. Period.)

Keep truckin', I'm there....

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p.p- You don't know about Lenny Breau? As in you havn't heard him?

If you havn't heard Lenny Breau then let me just say this: Genius. This man, in my opinion is the greatest guitarist ever...EVER. He is a technical wizard, his harmonic mastery has never been even slightly matched, and you can REALLY feel the emotion when this guy plays. Check out Lenny Breau w/ Dave Young: Live at Bourbon St. Toronto. WOW!!!

Also, Lenny is Canadian.....YES!!!

And...if you ever get the chance to see: The Genius of Lenny Breau....a document on Bravo! you will undrstand what I mean...fully. Being a guitarist myself it is almost pains-taking to watch!!!!

Giggles grin.gif" border="0grin.gif" border="0grin.gif" border="0

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Welcome Scottie, I have some fond(and fuzzy) memories of past encounters - Drunk and Phlailing in Rochester, the Car of Teachers With Sock-Stashes, and a ridiculous session in your apt. before that Phish Movie, watchamacllit hotel or something... 8]

Anyhoo, here's my rotation, which is actually six cause I have one of those older Pioneer 6-pack players...

1. Mark Farina - Mushroom Jazz 3 -funky AND trippy

2. Fila Brazilia - A touch of Cloth -unbelievable

3. GBA & Fred Wesley - West Coast Boogaloo- the diggety dank

4. Jethro Tull 69-01-09 - Great show if a little short. Reminds me of a friend that had a once a year ritual of listening to all the Tull albums (in order) on acid....

5. Crack Sabbath 01-04-14 Loft Party - Full-on funk sax jammin good times

6. DJ Krush/Toshinori Kondo - Japanese Trumpet player funks it up with some amazing production. From Miles blasts to spaced out Donald Byrd delay runs... amazing.

Cheers all, Nero in KW Saturday Night- Maybe Drinks at my place beforehand? I gotta bottle of Absinthe that's going down....

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Cibo Matto, wow? Is that the group from NYC that sings about food and are really really weird. Just never thought I'd hear that name again, since I saw them play at the first Tibet benefit that Trey played at in Carnegie hall. They werent' too bad, just really really weird sounds as I remember.

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Alright!! Ive been missing these TOP 5 lists!! Here is my current rotation, no order:

1) Bruce Cockburn - 9/28/99, Chicago

2) Aquarium Rescue Unit - 3/17/93, Fox Theatre

3) Justice League of America - 1/22/00

4) Disco Biscuits - Uncivilized Area

5) Phil + Friends - 7/27/01

Some notes:

First off, I have to say the Phil shows from this year are just totally stupid. Has to be the HOTTEST act going in my opinion. How 'bout that Warren eh??

Normally im not much of a Disco Biscuits fan, however, Ive had this CD for a couple of years and its still one of my favorites. When I first heard the live stuff I surprised at how different it was from this album.

If anyone is interested in any of the live stuff from my top 5 drop me a line and Ill B+P ya!!

Checking out some Metalwood action here in Cowtown tonight!!

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Wow! Nice response. So great to hear from a few phamilar pholks (and to figure out the names behind the names) and meet some new. Although it's mildly distrubing that most have some sort of messed memory to attach to my name (hee,hee)

i love the old five album list - it's inspired a dusting off of a few and acquring of others.

To pick up a couple of points, the Strokes are outstanding and just dropped off the heavy rotation. Lenny Breau is sooo worth looking into. He was amazing.

Keep up the discussion. As for Nero in K/W, unforunately this weekend not in the cards (sorry lads, next time or maybe come to London!!!) Got buddies coming down. Paul Atkin Quartet is playing at the Bacchus Lounge on Sat. in London. If you get a chance, check them out (Paul isn't just a friend but an outstanding talent)

Nice to be back....

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Tungsten Gruven... You've got awsome taste in music! I love that whole Mark Farina, "Mushroom Jazz" series. I saw Mark Farina, Doc Martin, DJ Sneak, and a bunch of others at the Steamwhistle Brewry on Saturday night. Fantastic show!! I also have that DJ Krush album with the trumpet player. Really good!

Harpua... Yeah, I think Cibo Matto is from New York. I've heard two of their albums and right now I have the "Viva! La Woman". Definetely weird, but I can't get enough of it lately. That girl's voice is so damn good. I get attracted to Stereo Lab for similar reasons.

Booche... It's not out of the question, but Vermont is looking less likely. I'm not sure if I can afford to leave for that many days and the lack of tickets doesn't make it too attractive. I'll get back to you after I figure some shit out. What's "PLQ's"?

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Solar Garlic; My thumb is bigger than your thumb!

I'll sell you the rights to the robot head for a set of Dalek Salt and Pepper Shakers...

p.p. Damn I didn't know about the DJ's at the Steamwhistle, I did catch Stereolab at the Phoenix on Sunday tho' - great show, alot more rocking then there last.

Anyhoo, hope to see some of you tomorrow night for Nero. Hopefully I can keep my shit together enough to tape the show...

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Originally posted by Booche:

Phil Lesh Quintet's

I am still trying to find some tickets. I have put in a couple of grovels on the message board at the philzone and have emailed a couple of individuals......

I am starting to feel that if tickets do surface, it will be last minute.

i just wanted to try the quote reply.. ! Dont forget about Harpua! He needs a ticket... cool.gif" border="0

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