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Tunes, 'tudes, and talk to you soons

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Hi Scottie! and everyone...been a while??!

lets see:

1. radiohead: 10/17/00 Sears Theatre Toronto

2. scofield: a-go-go-

3. Dead: 5/26/73

4. Frogwings = the shit.

5. assorted jerry, dead, phish, trey, radiohead and jimi videos (thanku gnuttella)

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hey there, not much new to say, but if anyone noticed an extremely drunk kid at the comfort zone wearing a bright orange hoodie after oysterhead... well, that was me. who knows, i might have introduced myself from the stage...

anyways, my cd player is currently the home to these fine discs:

1. the eric's trip show

2. frog brigade, set II

3. deltron 3030

4. herbaliser: blow your headphones

5. dead: workingman's dead


deck 1 -> bjork live in cambridge

deck 2 -> seapods 7.11.98 set II

bookshelf: hitchhiker's guide to the galaxy, part 5 (mostly harmless)

video game: tony hawk 3 (sooooo good)

i think that's enough stuff for tonight..



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Holy $%*& Fur Packed Action!?! I wouldn't have figured anyone around here would have known about them. Don't know if I'd call them great (just my uninformed opinion after seeing them twice), but Jody sure can sing!

In rotation:

Neil Young-Harvest


Rolling Stones-Exile on Main Street

Fred Eaglesmith-from the Paradise Motel

David Gray-Lost Songs

In the car: Phish 4.3.98

On the night stand: Wealthy Barber, Riding the Iron Rooster

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Here's my latest top 5 rotation in the past little bit: (not in any order)

1) Stereo Lab : Sound-Dust

2) Cibo Matto : Viva! La Woman

3)Dirty Dozen Brass Band : Buck Jump

4) MMW : The Ottawa Show

5) "Ninja Cuts" : Flexistentialism (mostly for the DJ Food tracks)

+ I keep hearing the Strokes and am starting to love it.

Thaughts on some of yours:

1. New Deal - new album, too good -Like the Deal, but not too fond of that album.

2. Tom Waits - Rain Dogs - found it at Music World for $5.99 - classic -Havn't listned to enough, but I like it.

3. SCI - 3/10/01 - mmmm, soundboard -Enjoyed the Pheonix and other times, but would put them in my player if you payed me.

4. Sloan - Pretty Together - sucker for a good harmony -Sloan Rocks!!! You should check out "The Strokes"

5. Rheostatics - Night of the Shooting Stars - their latest and IMO one of their finest -Havn't listned to them enough, but I'll probably see them this week.

1 - Johnny Cash - Solitary Man -Good Choice

2 - Garcia, Grisman and Rice - The Pizza Tapes -Really fun album!

3 - SCI - 03-10-01 -as I mentioned before

4 - Phil and Friends - 07-14-01 -I'd like to get some new Phil... especially "Finger Lakes" from this summer.

5 - Radiohead - 09-15-00 -Their albums are amazing... I'd like to hear some live stuff.

1) Charlie Hunter - Charlie Hunter

2) Lenny Breau - Lenny Breau Trio

3) Greyboy- Freestylin'

4) Phish- 4-22-93- WHOA!!

5) John Coltrane- Afro Blue Impressions

-It all sounds wonderfull... I don't really know about Lenny Breau.

Too much effort to continue, but "False_Documents: you really listen to "Fur Packed Action"? I think I've seen them and met them before. Havn't heard their name since. They were pretty good.

Keep Rockin'!!!

mad.gif" border="0mad.gif" border="0

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it took quite awhile for me to post because I don't have a regular rotation in my cd player...but in it now are:

Herbie Hancock - headhunters

radiohead - kid a

bullfrog - ep

st germain - tourist

the new deal - this is live

hey giggles...would you sum up that those cd's are pretty indicitive of anything, playing or otherwise, about me??

i wish i could make it to nero shows in k-w too but no car and no rides makes homer something something.

it's almost 3 and i just got up...fun nights walking home after vincent price films and time with beautiful souls.

Well, my roommate wants to smoke a bit. duty calls!

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Here's my $0.02:

1) Particle (3 songs downloaded from www.particlepeople.com) CHECK THIS BAND OUT!!

2) The Meter's "Funkify Your Life" - I needs tha funk

3) STS9 "Variety Playhouse" killer live show

4) SCI 11/18/00 Atlanta

5) Dead - Hamilton 1990 - (ahhhh... the memories) the best Scarlet>Fire ever!

Bookshelf: "Geek Love" - by Katherine Dunn - very strange tale - highly entertaining.

(I know I mentioned this before, but...)

I highly recommend Particle - they're a 5 piece band featuring a guitar duo (one guy plays like Jerry - the other is a Chet Atkins meets Dickey Betts kinda player) they pull off some amazing Allmans-style guitar harmony shit while the keyboardist wails on the Clavinet over funk/disco/jazz fusion beats. - all instrumental. They formed on a boat cruise after a Phish show in Florida or something...

I'm gonna check out some of your recommendations, everyone... thanks!

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Well beats...I would say your playing style for bass is quite unlike any bass player I have heard before...meaning, I think you react differently than most players in your thinking....It's very much like lead bass....without too much noise being produced by the entire group. With your constant soloish style playing, it never takes anything away from the other musicians and is something very, very fun to react to when playing lead guitars with.

As for the songs (herbie, radiohead...etc) and their relation to your playing...well, I don't see one, not really. Your style is quite original... but if you add a "d" after the "n" in Hancock and seperate the words "hand" and "cock" you would pretty much be left with a couple words that are involved in the only other thing in your life that takes up as much time as you playing bass.......HA HA HA!!!

Giggles grin.gif" border="0grin.gif" border="0grin.gif" border="0

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bouche bouche bouche...i'm amazed. I'd be flattered if someone as level headed called me hun. It's obviously a platonic gesturep.

i'm suprised giggles isn't taking this harder...

you owe him an apology, my friend.

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