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Phil's tour is under way and check out that opener!


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Phil & Friends 11.8.01

Aragon Ballroom - Chicago, IL

Set 1:

Phil Solo Bass Jam>

Quintet Jam>

The Eleven>

Blues For Allah> Watchtower>

Help on the Way>


Franklin's Tower

Set 2:


Eyes of the World>


The Wheel> Jam>

Night of a 1000 Stars

Lady with a Fan>

Stella Blue>

Terrapin Station>


*Liberty (1st time)

E: Soulshine

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hmm, I just read this on the philzone message board:

I wasn't at the show last night, but it seems to me that Phil was telling the story of the 9-11. We all know that Phil trys to tell stories or elaborate on a theme during the shows...So consider this:

Phil comes out and does a bass solo. Everything is cool, calm and collected.

Then, the cacaphony of THE ELEVEN! To start the show? The Eleven? I think it points DIRECTLY to the theme of the 9-11. Why else would The 11 start a show?!?

Next, Blues for Allah! OK...It's official...Phil is telling us the story of 9-11. The 11 > Blues for Allah. C'mon!

Watch Tower. Quite literally.

Help On the Way! Are we seeing the theme here?

Franklins Tower...The second Tower song...

Next the EYES OF THE WORLD watch as the events unfold...

The Wheel of events is turning and you can't slow it down...

Phil has become the Terrapin StoryTeller here...And he has Dusted off those rusty strings just one more time...Made them shine and reminded us that it seems like all this life

was just a dream...

But, in the end, Freedom, Liberty and personal SoulShine are left standing...

Anyone else?

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