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Best/Worst Concert Experience this year?!


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Best - that is too hard, so I will go with Dead 03-22-90, Copps Coliseum,Hamilton Ontario...someone recently mentioned the Scarlet Fire on this board and they are right along with a SMOKING OtherOne as well as a HeyJude>DearMrFantasy>HeyJude (hell, I became a Deadhead that night!)

Worst - Dylan, Kingston Memorial Center,Kingston Ontario...terrible sound....terrible crowd and people were getting thrown out for smoking anything......the highlight of the night had to be the cabbie driving over a tennis ball.....

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i'm mad at doggie, for posting exactly my answer.....phil and friends 07-15-01 at deer creek may have to get notched up to best of all time.....everything just culminated to make it my perfect show, especially when considering

07-17-01 in pineknob. the two shows covered anything i could ever imagine wanting from a show.....

and then the little perth boys are absolutely the worst of the year.....

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Interesting thread, although there are still shows that may adjust these results to come. I'll give my picks and a special mention for each:

Let me start with "the best":

MMW @ Nathan Phillips Square, Toronto - just a great, all-around exploration of music by three talented musicians. Billy Martin is the only drummer I would go see perform a drum solo just on it's own.

Special "best" mention to Bill Frisell for his performance @ Guelph Jazz Festival - a sublime evening indeed.

"the worst?"

Disco Biscuits @ Lee's Palace - ugh, just what is it these guys are supposed to be good at? The only show in years that I've paid good money to see and left during (for us, it was halfway through the second set).

special "worst" mention to the people assembled in Buffalo this Summer for the DJ Logic/.moe and Scofield shows on the same night: they were inattentive, distracted, rude and obnoxious. Scofield was killer although it seemed no-one was paying attention.

Also, special props to those good 'ol boyz in the New Deal for throwing down so many great Toronto area shows: whether it was the bouncy night @ The Church in March or the shit-box that is (was)Ted's Wrecking Yard in August, or the phenomenal Opera House shows in May.... they really brought me a lot of happiness this year!


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Best of 2001 - MMW @ Toronto Jazz Fest - Got in for free, pretty much a private sound check, a whole pile of "The Dropper", PERFECT sound, great view of Medeski at the show and at a party afterward

Worst of 2001 - Disco Biscuits, Lee's Palace - Holy hype. shit jams prentending to be parts of shit songs, many visors on sideways in the crowd, keyboardist with no theory, bass player with a chip on his shoulder, egos abound

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As far as best, I really enjoyed 07-17-01.

Ratdog opener and then Phil and Friends. My vantage point couldn't have been better for one thing. Standing in front row, watching Bobby, Phil, and his quintet was a night to remember.

The 2 previous shows were killer too, but the Ratdog thing helped push it over the edge.

Worst show? Has to be "Dude Where's My Car?".

Well, actually, that's the worst movie category, but I don't have any memory of any bad shows. Could be because if I was at a bad show, I'd probably not be paying attention to the band and I'd be spending my attention on the booze.

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Ok, umm

I'll take 07-14-01 Alpine Vally Les Claypool,SCI and P&F (just cause Reba stole the one I would have picked) as my BEST and I'll take the show that Nero didnt play as my worst!


I owe Lance one.......

you didnt like Dude Where's My Car?

Have you ever seen it on weeeeeed?

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Best show of 2001:

Jane's Addiction @ ACC- this night sticks out the most b/c I've been waiting close to 10 years to see these guys again; every song was a lethal dose of nostalgia; also the go-go dancers was the cherry on top!!

Worst show:

Caution Jam: 2nd night of the Jerry tribute @360

- although I can;t say it was THAT BAD, I think I'm just getting real tired of these clowns...

and in response to Dude Where's My Car, that film should be banned on grounds of life-threatening stupidity; I came out of the theater after seeing that 5% dumber than I walked in. Absolutely pittyful! rolleyes.gif" border="0

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Sorry, gentlemonkey, I made a post, then realized the topic was shows this year (my post talked about Bela Fleck and the Flecktones in '91, and Werbo from a couple of years back), so I deleted the post.

For this year, my best would probably be Jeff Beck at Massey Hall (back in March). He was having so much fun, and took the crowd along with him for the ride. (Other candidates would be Drums & Tuba back in June, SCI in Montreal, and Oysterhead in Toronto, along with a few Nero shows.)

The worst would be the opening act for Drums & Tuba in September (who were those guys?) or the opening act for Oysterhead (blechh).



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my best is between SCI in Vegas (my 1st SCI show!), and Tenacious D in LA a few weeks ago...totally different ideas, but equally entertaining.

i honestly can't think of any really bad shows....soulive was dissapointing in Montreal I guess. ended up being a fun night anyways though ;-)

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As stated before, this could change with the year still in progress but....

Best of the year - Trey tour - Deer Creek 7/22/01

Trey, Medeski, Deer Creek, nuff said.

Runners-up: New Deal, The Church at Berkeley 3/30

MMW Jazzfest T.O., BNB May 24, Frontier Town

Worst show: Floyd cover band, Frontier Town Saturday Night Labour Day (so cold, so not what I had in mind)


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The Worst: David Byrne@Phoenix (couple months ago)

A very soulless performance with a new band and a nervous David Byrne... less than exciting but they nailed the coffin lid on with the WHITNEY HOUSTON "I wanna dance with somebody" encore. Last time I saw him was the legendary 92 Uh-oh tour...I had some high expectations, and I left a shattered man.

The Best:

I couldn't decide between these four as they stand out for different reasons...

Trey@Red Rocks - furthest I'd travelled to a show, all around amazing place, cool crowd, lots of friends..oh yeah and a Coors tour during the day didn't hurt.

Project Object@Comfort Zone - I'm a huge Zappa fan so this was just heaven. The crowd was a little annoying and the opening "DJ" (some kid who obviously had never used a record player before) could have easily killed this as a contender, but shit, they played Zappa all night long!!

Jane's A@ACC/Karl Denson@Lee's - This was just a party night... Free tix to Jane's!! And what a show! Dancers, 2 stages, DJ seques, lots and lots of fist pumping action. And Karl Denson finally in Toronto. I'd been petitioning Eric Newson to get them here for over a year, and they come with Zak the Greyboy drummer! Funk heaven....

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Hello y'all

Well I've been in Ottawa for 2 and a half months and seen some pretty awesome shows

I've never been to a phish show so seeing Trey at Oysterhead makes that by far the best show for me.

Worst show was a horrible band in NF that did covers but could not pronounce the letters "TH" so it was "wild Ting" and "break on Trough to the oter side"

Scary stuff

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Best shows for me (so far) this year:

Karl Denson's Tiny Universe at Lee's Palace because I went expecting to hear some danceable funk and was blown away by the high-intensity-kick-ass-dance-like-a-freak funk that I heard.

Moe.'s Toronto show at the Opera House in April - my first moe. show and I was blown away by the intense psychedelic rock they played.

Groovediggas followed by the Burt Neilson Band at the Come Together Music Fest in May at Frontier Town - super high energy show, what a great party that was, one of the best weekends of my life, and met all kinds of wonderful people.

Worst show for me this year:

Hard to think of one other than The Dinner is Ruined opening for Oysterhead.

Peace, Mark

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Just to clarify - I loved the Oysterhead show. My comment re: my worst show this year only relates to the opening band.

Here are some of my favourite shows from all time. Hard to remember them all without looking at my concert stubs but here are a few:

King Crimson at Massey Hall 1995 Thrak tour

Grateful Dead Hamilton March 22, 1990

Talking Heads at Canada's Wonderland for the Stop Making Sense tour 1983

Peter Gabriel at Shea's in Buffalo (1982 I think)

Peace, Mark

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The best for me had to be BNB on Halloween. Lots of energy and who can argue with Stiff Rocket and Happy New Years 1984!

Frontier town on labor day is definately very close. It was my first time there and I was in awe of all the great bands.

Worst show was a bunch of old drunk guys (don't remember there name) at bar in my homer town of Brighton, ON this summer.

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Hey now,

So hard to pick best concert of the year. In the good ol' days, it was easy, what was the best dead/phish show you saw that year. These days, the new good ol' days, so many band to choose from.

Guess my fav of the year was the SCI/MMW show featuring individual shows by both bands, and the super jam when Medeski and Wood sat in with the SCI kids. Other hightlights of that show was the venue, once you were inside you couldn't find security if you were looking. Also, post-show parking lot, found my first balloon of the year and saw a skateboarding sheepdog.

Worst would be DJ GreyBoy. I used to have a record player too, but I never thought anybody would pay me to watch me play my records on it.

Runners up for best show of the year would be BNB at the Church and Halloween, all 50 nero shows and the May and Labour Day Come Together Music festivals.

Favorite venue of the year: Whipping Post,Ottawa

Worst venue of the year(1st time): Alfies

Most improved venue(halloween):Alfies

Best show of the millienium: Big Cypress

Favorite Dead show: 91-09-22

Favorite (2set) Phish show: 98-08-09

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Hey all! Happy MOnday.. nice to see that winter is on our doorstep. Thought this might be a nice time to reflect on something we all love.. shows! best and worst..of the year.. (or all time)

worst: although the music was great during their , cough cough..1 set!!, soulive at the cabaret in montreal, was a pretty major dissapointment.. with a turnout of like 60 people, lame opening band-kudu i think, band looked bored/angry, tables on the floor, people tapping dancers on the shoulder to sit. weird and too bad.. such a great band.

best: Trey at RedRocks, night #2. The feel of that night, the sound, the crowd, the venue, the buzz, will always be remembered as one of my favorites.

that was hard. this has been a show-filled year.

smile.gif" border="0

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Hey Buddy - good time in K/W....heard about the show wink.gif" border="0

Worst- Not to sure.......there were these two guys on acoustic guitars that opened/closed? for Nero at Babylon...you know the guys...it was either one of their weddings or one of them was the best man or something....I stayed for a couple a barred chords.

Best- Crowd - Nero's last Post smoke down episode. Closing of an amazing bar in Ottawa (The Whipping Post). Great music, friends, surprises, shotguns and law breaking.......Thanks Lance smile.gif" border="0

Best- sounds - Bill Frisell - Ottawa Tulip Festival......Seriously

- John Scofield - Montreal Jazz Festival - The Spectrum

- SCI - Montreal - Club Soda

If really having to pick one.....SCI

Giggles grin.gif" border="0grin.gif" border="0grin.gif" border="0

-There's NO WAY I'm touching the all time thing!!!

*Note*- The Mimi Tribute was a special evening!!!!!!

*Note*- And having never heard Drums & Tuba untill their Zaphods show.......WOW, really put me on my ass what those three guys can do with a couple guitars, a tuba, drums and toys!!!!

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