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Best/Worst Concert Experience this year?!

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Lessee now...

Best jam show this year: Phil Lesh last weekend. Total bonus for being the only high school gym in North America with good sound.

Best nonjam(?) show of the year: Herbie Hancock at Massey Hall. Brian Blade on drums is a joy to behold. He was with Joni Mitchell when she toured with Dylan and Daniel Lanois produced his debut cd. Check him out. Roy Hargrove on trumpet was no slouch either. Honourable mention goes to Ween in Vegas, of course.

Worst jam show this year: JGB @ Babylon. Change the band name, Melvin.

Worst nonjam show this year: John Mellencamp. What the hell was I thinking?

Best shows ever:

Jazz: Bobby McFerrin, Montreal '93

Rock: AC/DC, Montreal '92(?). If you haven't seen them, you don't know...

Country: Lyle Lovett, Ottawa, '96

Jam: (tie) Phish at Finger Lakes (Tweezer show)/The Dead at Buckeye Lake '93

Blues: SRV, Moncton '89

Indescribable Genre: (tie) Bob Wiseman @ Zaphod's '96/Tom Waits, Toronto '99

WORST SHOW EVER (all genres): Edgar Winter, Ottawa '96. Take heed.

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