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Phil and Phriends Buffalo Review


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Just got back from the show so I thought I'd post a quick review before I hit the hay.

Although I should have stayed home due to my bunk knee, my pal waved a phree ticket in my face that I couldn't refuse. As we were trucking up to Buffalo, I was quite stoked to see Phil and his brave men jam it up. Major kudos to the guy in the front row balcony giving up his seat for me so I could rest my bum knee on the balcony banister!!!

Show began with the band getting a good feel from the crowd/venue with a nice Quintet JAM opener (ain't it great how all Phil shows start out this way) that beautifully led into CRAZY FINGERS: solid version indeed! Nice segueway into FRIEND OF THE DEVIL too, that had quite a tasty jam woven into it!

I believe next was a Warren tune ("Dry like Wine"? who according to P Dot, the tune was possibly off the Allman's "Where it all Begins" album, but then again what does he know? ha ha ha).

Next was BROWN EYED WOMAN, delivered in full phorce which got the crowd shakin'; it was hard for me not to shed a tear each time Phil would sing at the end of the chorus "And it Looks like the Old Man's Getting Home". Alright Phil, KEEP ON ROCKIN'!!

I believe next was COLD RAIN AND SNOW and man was this a scorcher! It's unbelievable that Phil has been singing this tune for eons with all the varied approaches it's been through, and it still sounds fantastic. Tonight's was top notch I'd say.

Set two began with another QUINTET JAM that led into a nice SCARLET BEGONIAS. Now I could be wrong, but I believe VIOLA LEE BLUES was next, which seguewayed perfectly into the classic barn-burner CUMBERLAND BLUES (by far my favorite Dead Ho-down tune). So happy to hear this one with such a powerful drive to it!!

Then VIOLA LEE came back around the corner, which surprinsingly seguewayed into HARD TO HANDLE that was in between awesome and o.k.; the latter due to Warren's unique vocal approach which didn't blow me away (neither did his "missing" guitar solos); I guess I'm partial towards the Pigpen versions. Shit, I would of been happier with a Black Crows version here. But hey, it's great that Phil is such a musical virtuoso who does not fear tackling new territory for some of the Dead's older material. But like I said, there were some amazing jams in this one that made up for Warren's part (by the way, I'm not anti-Warren, I do dig Gov't Mule, I just find him to be either a big Hit or a passive miss).

VIOLA LEE was back again, this time shooting up into SPACE territory that was very captivating at times! By the way, do I need to mention that Phil was dropping bombs everywhere?

Then to cap off the 2nd set, although the transition into BERTHA was a tad rocky, that caught Warren off guard (he seemed a bit perturbed by it too); nevertheless this one rocked in classic style!

After Phil gave his Organ Donor rap (man, I'd give my heart to Phil, wouldn't you?), what I thought would be a sure "TRUCKIN'" encore, was instead a soulful take on BROKEDOWN PALACE (beautifully sung by Phil). A nice and sweet send off to those "Going Home, Going Home".

Overall, great show, nice performing arts center, great view of Phil in action, interesting reoccurring theme of "HOME" in Crazy Fingers and Brokedown Palace, inspired playing by ALL, and surefire approaches to each tune!

With all that said, Now I can rest my bones......

p.s. In response to the recent message board thread on "worst/best shows of the year", I forgot to nominate that the BNB show at the Attic in Halifax was quite the clunker. Although I wasn't there in person, I've seen the band numerous of times in the past (I even have some headee Spin Doctor shows under my belt), well it turns out that my friend's cousin's roommate who served drinks for the band (hey, I even pissed in a urinal stall next to Jeffery Kornblum at St Louis Wings once)whose a reliable source informed me that the halifax show stank as bad as the Sydney Tar Ponds (hardy har har). tongue.gif" border="0grin.gif" border="0

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Super-Fun_Happy-Thanks for that review!

The song in question is Tastes Like Wine......

You also got one of the newer Warren tunes that is quickly becoming a favorite of mine, Beautifully Broken, will be on one of the upcoming Mule CD's..

Set 1: Jam>

Crazy Fingers>

Friend of the Devil

Tastes Like Wine>

Brown Eyed Women

Rock-n-Roll Blues>

Crazy Fingers Jam>

Cold Rain and Snow

Set 2:

Scarlet Begonias>

Spacey Jam>

Cumberland Blues

Viola Lee Blues V1>

Hard To Handle>

Viola V2> Space Jam>

Beautifully Broken>

Viola V3> Bertha

E: Brokedown Palace

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They be doing brokedown palace?? That has got to send some chills up and down the spine. Their harmonies are SOOOOO perfect that I can only imagine how beautiful that must have sounded live. The 'box of rain' harmonies are on par with that, I'm sure, which to me really showed how pretty They can sound.

Thanks for posting that. I am incredibly more excited about friday's Burlington now. It feels more real (that I'm actually going to see Phil again).

- I moved this topic to a new forum that would probably serve as a good spot for reviews.

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