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Feedback required re Magic Bus


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Hey all

I have recently been speaking with the powers that be from the Comfort Zone in Toronto. We are presently putting together some real fun stuff for you all, I would like to get some feedback on the idea......

The Comfort Zone is considering sending their magic bus to Ottawa to pick people up for big Comfort Zone shows in Toronto. The discussions have gone very well, and details are becoming clearer... here is a loose outline.

Pick-up in Ottawa on the day of the show (weekends only) at around 5:30 and arrive @ the Comfort Zone around 10:00. (party your ass off) Bus returns the next day at a yet to be determined time. Everyone is responsible for finding their own place to stay!!

Bands on the horizon for this type of promotion are Deep Banana Blackout and The Slip. This will happen in the new year.

I need to know

How many people would be interested in a trip like this?

How much will you be willing to pay.... include cover and bus in the price.

Would it be worth stopping anywhere else along the way? Smith Falls, Kingston, Brockvegas

I look forward to hearing your reaction to this, I think it would be very memorable times....

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