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A great show in Toronto tonight.......


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It's probably a little late, but last night I was in Montreal and happened to come across an amazing band from New York and it turns out they're playing tonight at Revival in Toronto. They're called "???(somebody's name), and the Drive By Leslie". The Drummer was the drummer with Charlie Hunter for "Pound For Pound". I saw him at the Comfort Zone a couple years ago. The Bass player plays with DJ Logic's band. They have an awsome guitar player and the Keyboardist is the main guy who's project it is. Apparentely he's played with Sun Ra's band, John Medeski and many others. They are all apart of the same New York jazz scene as John Scofield, Charlie Hunter, MMW and a tonn of kick-ass musicians.

It's $5.00 and it's at Revival (783 College St.W.). It starts at 10pm and after seeing them last night, I'm sure it'll be great tonight.

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