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thank you gentlemonkey


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Thanks for setting up that room rate buddy.

The total was like 100 bucks for the whole weekend. SICK!

We also ended up with free coffees to boot. They had a huge buffet on sunday, that we didn't go near. It looked great. They had an omelete making dude in a chef's hat.

I hope we didn't keep you up. There's no way for me to know as I was plastered at the end of the night. I wish nobody tried to get me to tell a story of something that happened 10 minutes before.

Our border crossing both ways were pretty effortless, but coming back was a real joke. 2 questions and she passed us through.

Dave from Burlington is going to visit the Valencia bar this week to show them your music.

He was very impressed with it all. I think he spent saturday night with a few beers, a blunt or two, and having a listening session.

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You are too kind oh Gentle one........

I hope my clickty-clicks didnt keep you up too late either.

HAHAHHA, DogattheStation compared Bouche to that SNL character "Mr Short-Term Memory"

so very true, he was good and drunk!

I just loved the look on his face when we tried to get him(Bouche) to tell you that story of the old couple down the hall.....it had just happended and he looked at us incredibly confused and 'deeply disturbed', as if he was saying "What game are you guys playing? I have no idea what you are talking about"

Big thanks to crazy Rhode Island Ken, Burlington Dave, Dancing Queen Kyleigh (I hope I spelt that right) and dude with the long blonde hair in the pny-tail (he was worth a number of laughs)

No thanks to the dude yelling "ST STEPHEN" during the more melodic space jams.......

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JEsus!! NO worries guys! anytime it suits me to help.. consider it a maybe! wink.gif" border="0 glad it worked for both nights..

Yeah that was fun eh? Got away scot free after calling in sick too.. double bonus.

Booche.. it's dancing queen KYLA.. but that other way is probably pronounced the same way. She gets a lot of Kaylas, Carlas, Keelah.. whatever. Keighly sounds good to me.

Can't wait to see the many beautiful shots BoUche took, and the review the BoOche was working on late into the night. (last i heard it was 10 pages??!) What did that freak say to you in the hallway mike? That story was blurry the next day as we drove home at the crack of dawn. but i remembert being hilarious.. Nice meeting doggie too.

We'll do it all again soon.

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that's the problem. I don't have a clue now, as I didn't only minutes later. I just know that he was torqued. There was a few funnies walking around the second night too. There was some sorority girl party going on in one of the halls, and a few blasted chicks walking around.

Absolutely should have invited a few to the room to help finish of the baggies, but that sort of thing is impossible when you're with married people, and you're too wasted to pull off a witty sentance.

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