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Ya gotta love it when a plan comes together..


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DISCOVER ENTERTAINMENT would like to present you with another fantastic weekend of great, groovin music beginning this friday with...


Friday March 14th

The Green Room

That's right... buddy on the poster is summoning up the SICK funk.

Plus, as a late addition we've got a little treat to start the night off for ya'll... beginning at 9:30 PM, BRIAN FOWLER is going to bring his "Hip-Hop storyteller meets Folk singer/songwriter" project ENDOSOLO to the stage for our lucky early arrivals... then funkin & groovin till 2 AM!!!

On Saturday night, we're gonna go round 2 with a performance at The Arts Club Backstage Lounge by...


Friday March 14th & Saturday March 15th

the Arts Club Backstage Lounge

And then just to make sure everyone gets their fill of sweet music, good vibes, and great people, we've really got things starting to go off at...

GROOV-e Sundays @ The Fairview Pub

This Sunday March 16th



The Fairview Pub

898 W. Broadway

Vancouver, BC

door prizes

Our Website

Here is a link to petiton the U.N.

Emergency Appeal to the U.N.

President Bush is pushing hard for a second Security Council resolution that would authorize war against Iraq. But millions of us believe that a war on Iraq would be wrong -- especially when tough inspections can disarm Saddam Hussein without the loss of a single life.

Somewthing else for you to wrap your head around!! We're also starting to giv'er next Wednesday and every Wednesday folks. Of course we gotta take things to the next level... and as you can see, we're gonna start mixing things up and feeding the fires of creative energy.

Starting March 19th and running every Wednesday with "GROOVE IS ON THE DRIVE" at The Waldorf Grove Pub.

Wednesday March 19th

West Coast Funk Mob with Transit 5.0

Everyone working here with Discover Entertainment is extremely happy to be feeling the thrill again... there really is a chill in the air right now... we would like to thank the bands, the fans, our community of supporters (Bent Matter Visuals, The Green Room, The Fairview Pub, The Waldorf Grove Pub, The Arts Club Backstage Lounge, The Side Door Cabaret, Puff Pipes, CITR 101.9 FM - UBC, CFRO 102.7 FM - COOP, CJSF - Satellite SFU, CFML - Satellite BCIT, jamhub.ca, jambase.com, jambands.ca, jamaholic.com, jambands.com, Hipstar Productions, Upstream Entertainment, LMNOP Presents) and all of Greater Vancouver's newspapers, writers, live audio recorders, live video recorders, photographers, soundpeople, and recording studios for helping to contribute to the cause and for fighting the good fight... to establish a consistently higher level of expectation in Greater Vancouver's live music scene... for good cause... there's a buzz in these here parts.

Hope to see you all real soon.

fun fun fun!!!

I tried to post the artwork for each of these shows... but I'm not sure if I'm doing it right.

Any help?

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go to www.photoisland.com and create an account (free). Then upload any images you want to post into your photoisland account. Once it is uploaded, you just have to right-click the pic on photoisland, go to properties and highlight/copy the URL of the pic. Then, when you're on jambands.ca, click the - button like Charlie said, and paste the pic's URL in it - et VOILA!


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