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what would you do on a dare?>


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like if i were to dare you to mail something really strange in the mail, what dare would you accept??

how far would you go?

would you mail me a gnome or pitchfork?

would you mail me an envelope of corn starch?

would you send me a beer?

would you send me a realy suspicious package containing paper that looks like blotter but is just paper?

would you send me messages in crude metal pipes hidden in another package with a watch with wires attached to the pipes?

seriously. i'll pick them up and deal with the hassles.

anyone game?

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I'm willing to send you some of my world famous pee-sicles. I've been getting a lot of interest from my post on this board. (you can stop emailing me LJFH! They are in THE MAIL!) I'll have to ship them overnight in a sealed container. It's OK if they melt, cause they're good thawed out too.

They taste kinda like lemon, but saltier!!

triple doggie dare. blush.gif" border="0

work? whats that? I play on a fucking computer all day!

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rob newbold

198 cromwell street

london, ontario


n6a 1z5

if it's really offensive, let me know and i'll not pick it up at the post office.

let those buggers deal with pee-sickles.

as long as it's not a poop-sicle.

anyhow, that reminds me of the midnight caller awhile back where tom green got everyone to send in their urine to CHUO...

i'm sure his boss said to him

'urine trouble!'

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