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Wednesday - Nov 28th - Professor Plum


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So next week is.. Professor Plum.. like in clue.. hahhaha

November 28th - Comfort Zone - Northwest Corner of Spadina & College.

9 - 11 Open Drum Jam

Which.. btw actually happens when one or more drummers appears with their drums sometime after 9pm.. really. no foolin..

sometime after that the Band "Professor Plum" will entertain.. For those that gave Downtime!! a chance this week, I am guessing you'll be showing, cause they seem to be booking KICK ASS bands lately..

There is booze for those that like it, its generally cheap..

there are alternative beverages for those so inclined.. its relaxed...

come out and enjoy the MUSIC cause thats what its all about bottom line..

“One good thing about music…when it hits, you feel no pain.”

– Bob Marley

Bob Speaks the truth in many ways.

Last Night (for those that missed it.. I'm so sorry.. )

Downtime, was OUTSTANDING.. tore the roof and the floor off the place. drummers came out in reasonable numbers, and people seemed to be having a good time. it grooved till they kicked us out..

Jimmy Swift, Then Downtime, Professor Plum Next Week.. Grand Theft Bus The Week after.. Bring Back Tala and get someone Like Nero.. and that could be quite the vibe..

anyhow.. anyone there next wednesday.. see you then..

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Almost forgot, some tall blonde girl told me it was her birthday next week, and everyone should come out next wednesday.. because.. afterall its her birthday...

remember there is no cover.. its the cheapest bday gift you've ever bought anyone..

or you could always give her a 2.50 beer before eleven.


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