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New Vibe Swirling... in Kitchener..


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There is new vibe swirling around kitchener, ontario, with past performances this november from Downtime, Caution Jam, Mike Filipowitsch (BNB guitar guy solo), and Nero, this venue is shaping up to be "the place to be" (god I hate that expression. Anyhow sounds like a cool vibe, especially the teusday open jams.. clubs with vision.

The Circus Room - 729 King St. E, Kitchener

infoline (519)743-0368

End Of November Lineup

24 - Snack!

26 - The Drunken Uncles

27 - Matt Osbourne's Open Jam

28 - Mike Filipowitsch

29 - Friends of Hefner

30 - Yaqui Mystic

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Yes, for the last 2 months the Circus Room has had some amazing bands come through, including nero, Jukejoint, Gnu & The Ragtime Millionaires, Parkside Jones, Jimmy Swift Band, and lots of others. However, the guy responsible for booking all of those great acts (Mike Knoll) is no longer booking for the Circus Room. So it remains to be seen what will be happening at the Circus Room in the future.

... the search for "the place to be" for great live music in Kitchener-Waterloo continues ...

Peace, Mark

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