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2 WICKED links


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This first one is a link to fantastically sounding officially released Phil SBDS (and a couple of FOB downloads as well)

They are in SHN format


The 04-20 show is supposed to be fantastic!

The following link is a stream of the Deads new 12cd box set

You can choose which album you want to listen to.

I have listened to Birth of the Dead Disc 1

interesting shit..........


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Whomever you are;

Click the second link above and choose Europe '72 - Disc Two

If you haven't heard this before, smoke a bowl.

If you have, smoke a bowl, you aint never heard these extra-tracks.

One of the first Looks Like Rain ever performed, will blow you away with Jerry on the pedal steel. Yup, I aint kiddin'........

"Booche, you's is craxy. Dere aint no Looks Like Rain on Europe72!"

"Cletus, their aint no Caution>GoodLovin'>Caution neither. But on dis one, dair iz."

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