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Being an Ottawa living individual, I was going to call in sick for that one and go to Kingston to see you's guys.

I was looking forward to that gig more than any I had in the past. The Scherzo sounds so good and I was DYING to see that crowd 'get' the music. I look forward to a show there in the future. Hopefully it will happen on a weekend and most of your Ottawa fans would be able to make it out. I once again recommend you play The Scherzo.

"There's one kind favour, I ask of you....."

Cheer's to the December 22nd show!

I guess that's the next one on my calender....

By the way, I have been listening to the streams of Birth Of The Dead disc2 for the past hour. It is wild to think that at the time, they were the same age Nero is now.

The evolution of music has come a looooooong way. 'Keep On Growing' boys!

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