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It was OK i guess...i'm a little drunk now...snoots a-hulio-

me and doug tried to stay in the handicapped area a few timew...even went as far as to put our sweaters over our legs!! got busted thoug.

funny shit...that happened at leaste 5 times

the D rocked! they are cool as helll...

i felt old at this show.

lots of teenage girls...i got front row a few times, lots of moshing etc.

bogus IMO.

fun at points, and stupid at others.

anyways, the snoots are plentiful in my brain, and i must get back to the point.

whatever that was.

mayeb antother review tomorrow????

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yeah, no other review here today...man i was hammered last night.

weezer kind've sucked IMO.

not my type of deal i guess...light show was pretty lackluster, crowd was pretty bogus, beer was extremely expensive ($8 USD ea.)

sound wasn't great, but the D ROCKED!!!!

They were definitely the highlight of the night...that Jack Black is always on fire!!

Other highlights were me and dougie trying to get into the suites (for the free beer), and talking to the security guy at the private elevator:

Hood: "Jerry just said to walk on in"

Security Guard: "Jerry who?"

Doug: "Garcia man."

Security: confused.gif" border="0

hahahaha! after a few uncomfortable minutes (for the guard), I finally told him we were just fuckin' with him, and we walked away howling!

SO if you like 15 year old girls, mosh pits, and expensive beer with loud, but not too inspired music, then hit a weezer show. I won't again.

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