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My Generation Re-mastered... Finally!!


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At long last Who/Kinks producer, the infamous Shel Talmy, has decided to re-master and re-release The Who's great 1964 first album, My Generation. This is the last Who album to be re-mastered. I've waited a long time for this. I do own the album, but I've held off on buying the crappy sounding AAD version for the past 15 years.

No doubt Shel cashed-in big time on this deal. Buy this cd. It's as violent and glorious sounding as music gets - plus there's lots of un-released songs. Un-released Keith Moon is a great thing. Here's what Shel himself had to say about this event ( check out the bottom for song listings ):


It's with great pleasure that I can announce that an agreement has been reached with MCA and The Who to acquire my original 3-track tapes for re-mixing into stereo. It is also part of the agreement that I will be doing the re-mixing and supervise the mastering.

"The Who Sings My Generation", will be a multiple CD package to include "My Generation", "Anyhow Anyway Anywhere", and "I Can't Explain" among the 24 songs on the 3-track tapes and in addition many of the outtakes and talkback chat will be included in the package. The release is scheduled for next spring, 2002.

There are many people who worked hard to make this happen, and I want to give special thanks to Bill Waddell and Andy Mckaie of MCA and especially to Pete Townshend, without whom I don't think this would have been possible.

It's been a long and arduous trip to get here and I'm glad to finally arrive. Thanks to all of you who have waited patiently, and sometimes "not so patiently"!



Back in the early 1960s some historic recording sessions took place! Such legendary hits as "My Generation" and "I Can't Explain" were recorded in England!

These songs have


1. Anyhow, Anyway, Anywhere

2. Anytime You Want Me

3. Bald Headed Woman

4. Circles

5. Daddy Rolling Stone

6. Heat Wave

7. I Can't Explain

8. I Don't Mind

9. I'm a Man

10. Instant Party Mixture

11. It's Not True

12. Leaving Here

13. Legal Matters

14. Lies

15. Lubie

16. Motor-vating

17. Much Too Much

18. My Generation

19. Please Please

20. Shout and Shimmy

21. The Good's Gone

22. The Kids Are Alright

23. The Ox

24. You're Going To Know Me

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