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Barrymores can kiss my ass


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So there we were..... out on the town on a Saturday night. Having checked out the open stage at Babylon we decided to go next door and catch the end of the Hammerheads show..... it was like 12:30... and we hoped we might sneak in without paying cover.

Enter meathead doorman #1 "do you have a stamp?"

BB "no... i just want to check it out"

Meathead "no can't let you in"

BB "I will pay cover then.... how about $20 for all 10 of us?"

Meathead "no... it is sold out"

BB " Sold out my ass... there are a ton of people leaving...."

Meathead " they might come back"

BB "listen mullet, they are getting into cabs"

Meathead "can't go in.... it is sold out"

At this point Pablo and and I manage to collect a couple of ticket stubs.... we try again and are denied.

Pablo "I want to speak to the owner... is she here?"

Meathead " yes ... but you can't talk to her"

I hope all you acne backed, shruken nut, roid raging mullets realy enjoy the brief period of time in your life when you have power over others .... it will not last and I hope you have a happy life working the fucking door

Who in this city cares more about live music than those of us trying to get into Barrymores that night..... yet we were denied by a stooge, while 80's night rejects left early to go home....

That was messed... but still allot of fun.... thanks all

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i dont' know about the 80s night rejects (i might resemble that comment) but did you call barrymores today to complain? who is the owner? why don't you call eugene?


is he still part owner? (actually i doubt you'll get much sympathy there, but if you know the other owner, try her)

barrymores bouncers have always been total thick necks

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There is a saying in business

Only 10% of unsatisfied customers ever bother to complain to managment... the rest blast your ass on internet message boards and will tell anyone who will listen how much you suck!

I suppose the idiot doorman is not a new relvelation but I felt the need to vent.

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