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Babylon open stage


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I was there from a bit before 10pm to a bit after 11:30pm, and the place was pretty much dead the whole time. The first band on stage was a punk trio, and they weren't bad, if you like raggedy punk; I think it was their first time on stage (and they were missing their bass player, I found later when I talking to their drummer [who also played guitar]), and they get points for enthusiasm more than chops.

The second act I saw was a duo, at first a female vocalist with an acoustic guitar player, then the guitar player and Justin (the guy who was doing sound that night) on electric guitar. They were a little better than the punk guys, but the feel was kind of a downer (a lot of slower stuff, Kurt Cobain covers, a total wreck of "New Minglewood Blues", etc.).

I guess I expected more people (both players and audience), and a bit more organization. I hope they do it again; with a bit more time to get things arranged, it could be fun.



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