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Guest Low Roller

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Guest Low Roller

Next Blue Grassy High Show This Thursday at Cafe Dekcuf

That's right kiddies. Blue Grassy High will once again be entertaining its fervent fans this Thursday at Cafe Dekcuf. Some unexpected surprises are expected.

Also on this highly anticipated bill is Toronto's Native Sons Uncle Seth.

Come for the music, stay for the sweet, sweet liquor...

Gallager Brothers Super Mario Brothers Compared to Bouchard Brothers

The fued between the brother Liam and Noel Gallager from the british rock group Oasis has been well documented and highly publicized. From their public scuffles to their childish sibling antics on stage, the media had interviewed, analyzed, counter-analyzed, and profiled these brothers to death, and quite frankly grown quite bored of these two. The media needed something new, something fresh, something with nicer teeth. Enter Blue Grassy High's embattled Bouchard borthers, Andre and Mike. See the brothers in action this Thursday as they try to upstage one another with whimsical humour and hilarious feces flinging entertainment.

Jump on the bandwagon now before they are too big to worry about the little people like you.

Late-breaking news:

Dave-O vs. Dr.Hux announced for BGH World Heavyweight Championship

More details as they become available

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Guest Low Roller

Late Breaking News:

Dave-O Kidnapped By Mysterious Flying Object

Will miss BGH gig

Dave-O, lead banjoist for Blue Grassy High will miss the gig on Thursday on favour of playing with his other band Ferriswheeler in Montreal. How this relates to the headline of being kidnapped by a Mysterious Flying Object I'm not sure, but it makes for an interesting alibi.

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