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DJ Food!!!


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For those of you who have any interest in this, DJ Food will be in Kingston tonight at Alfies and Toronto tomorrow night at Reverb. DJ Food is amazing!!! I've seen them once in Montreal and I've heard a bunch of discs and tracks. Pretty much it's Hip Hop crossed with Jazzy, Funky Break Beats and at times a bit of a Latin edge. For a more official description check out http://imusic.artistdirect.com/showcase/club/djfoo.html.

It's a part of the "Ninga Tune" record lable which everything I've heard from that lable has been good. KID KOALA is part of that and if you're into him you'll definetely like DJ Food.

Just to mention, many of you have probably been exposed to DJ Food in the past 'cause I used to play a DJ Food album between sets at BNB shows. The particular album was "Jazz Breaks Vol. 1", and the last time I heard it was at Lee's Palace where I lost it. People always came up to me at shows to ask about the music saying they love it.

I wish I would have mentioned this earlier to some of you 'cause DJ Food was at Babylon last night in Ottawa. Oh well.

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