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Question on Phish download


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This Question might be kinda dumb, but I'm out of the loop when it comes to things computer. I'd like to buy/d.l. some of the recent shows, but I have a dial-up modem with a slow connection. Does that meen that it would take all day to download one show? Just consider this computer science 101. Peace

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According to the FAQ on the site even the MP3's would take 12 hours:

"Can I use a dial-up modem or do I need a cable modem or DSL?

The rule of thumb is the faster the better. You can download shows from livephish.com on a dial-up modem, but it may take about 12 hours or more for one show in standard MP3 format. On a cable modem or DSL it typically takes between 15 minutes to a half-hour to download a show in MP3 format."

That means the .shn's would take even longer...if you go to the FAQ section there is actually a lot of good info...


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phish online definately favours high speed connections.

sci on the road and PJ series, they still produced the cd's for about the same price as Phish. PJ a little cheaper still. Phish ya gotta download them, and do the fabricating. Hopefully in the near future, Phish will consider making this purchase and ship option.

Plus, if you want a nice clean copy, you will have to reset all the sector boundaries, as phish had/has/or doesn't care about them.

Before you burn, make sure ALL tracks are split on sector boundaries.

Anyways, get a friend to download them for ya.

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