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20 things we miss about the Dead:


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1. Before the Internet days, constantly calling the hotline for show info. and

hearing "This is a new message as of TODAY!"

2. Wondering if you're going to hear Dark Star

3. Going to any public place within 50 miles of a show and wondering if you'll run into


4. The lights going down.

5. Bobby being a rock star. (It just aint the same as it was)

6. Jerry's quick walk to the front of the stage.

7. "Are you sure you've tried these?"

8. Drums and Space... although I didn't always realize it then.

9. The unique sound of Jerry's notes which seems to go on forever.

10. Trying to explain it to those who didn't get it (it rarely worked but it was fun).

11. Scarlet->Fire.

12. Guessing the next song.

13. Being surprised when it's supposed to be a Bobby tune and Phil sings

Box of Rain or Unbroken Chain.

14. Jerry in shorts on a hot night.

15. Colors and trails.

16. Sound quality we usually took for granted.

17. The four hour escape from reality.

18. Birdsong (I would have wrote Morning Dew but I never got one dammit!)

19. The sound of Jerry's voice and anytime he smiled.

20. My mom saying "haven't you seen that group like 100 times?"

(This was taken off of walfredo.com)


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6.Jerry & Wang Dang Doodle


8.Copps col. shows


10.The love


12.trying to remember were I am


14.that girl from Tallahasse with all the tattoos


16.just knowin I was goin'


18.sneakin across the border

19.Jerry of course

20.a time when this question never came up,because now it makes me a bit sad to think what and who we lost.But what a time it was!!

Rememberin my first right now 06.21.84 wow!

Shakin my bones


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21. Jerry

22. wakin in the morning to cryptic creaking "wake up, wake up" whispers amplified from a crawling 1930s hearst

23. the love

24. barefoot gentle zen masters walking off down the road to the next show

25. helper heads walking the lot the day after the show picking up every bottle cap and gum wrapper keepin the scene welcome (nothing but pictures leaving nothin but footprints)

26. grateful dead security, invisible til you needed them

27. the glossy white greyhound with the vw bus mounted on top that looked like one huge honkin scull - th crazy wheels

28. the smiling unbelievably gone ones who you couldn't believe would make it across the lot let alone to another show

29. sitting under a tree nursin a whippet and chatting with a family who come out every show so their children can meet the super nice people in the lot... and it being a very positive thing all around

30. the freedom, the individuality, the community

31. the kindness, the miracles

32. the drum circle going 3 days straight(and on in the bus on the road)

33. Brett (givin 120% that last year)and all the fallen keyboards

34. the strange weather following the band

35. jumping six feet off the ground by accident

36. learning music isn't just about hitting the right note and singing the right key

37. the gigabytes of shows that keep crammin up my hard drive

38. Phil (put on a show and listen to the bass line straight through)

39. the myriad of colors

40. Garcia

and everyone who got on the bus who carries the collective memory of the experience


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I have a confession to make...

I recently posted to this board saying that I didn't like the song Truckin' very much.

Last night, after a couple of beers and a really fun huxie show, they played it in the Bar. And you know what? I am startin' to come around. It really is a fun tune, with a lot of energy.


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