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DOWNTIME!! - Wednesday december 19th


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ok, the people who saw these guys at the comfort zone last time know exactly what to expect here from this one. PHAT GROOVES from a 3 piece power trio sort of stuff. The real deep drunken funk.


9-11 Open Drum Jam (9:15 or so usually)

Then Downtime takes the stage for the second time since relocating to toronto.

This band really kicks ass and people should like hold thier noses, and their "coolness" and "nobody goes to the zone" shit.. and check out where its really at.. a solid musical outfit, throwing down. for free.

December 19th - Comfort Zone

Corner of Spadina and College... Has a purple sign, can't miss it.. if you do.. you are probably on drugs.. if you are on drugs right now.. cheers.

I got a new drum.. it is smaller.. hoooray..

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