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Anyone hitting Chickenhead tonite?

Davey Boy 2.0

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damn, are you sure? i thought it was barrymores...

root root russle..

ya, here's the email, but it's from a long time ago...

Hey Folks,


Friday, Dec 14 - 9 PM

Barrymore's Music Hall

323 Bank St.

$5 at the door.

No opening band.

This show will explore the music of Black Sabbath.

We hope to see you there!


all my people cancelled, i dont' think i'll be going... prolly go to nero on the 22nd

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Make sure you get all of your leather on for this! Hippy or no hippy, leather is IN at this event.

Seriously, when I saw them, I was the only person not wearing chaps or a jacket made of leather.

I realized then, that I actually own nothing of leather save for my wallet.

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you must've misread brad. chicken heads on stage, chicken corpses in leather in the audience.

seriously though, if you like sabbath, they do a great job. all superb musicians, AND super nice guys too. The Singer is also one of the best drummers in the city, i thnk he does some percussion.. but he used to play in the boogiemen, and they were unfukingbelievable.. my favorite ottawa show (local artist) i ever saw was rotating sets, bob loblaw and the boogiemen.. we were already pissed, but that show really put us on our asses. incredible!

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um, mike, isn't that kind of a negative comment for this band once again... you'll see some excellent hippy gear at a chickenhead show... i was not wearing leather pants, but hippy top and a long black cotton skirt (granted with high suede boot stilletto heals last time, but i assure you they were a la stevie nicks/rumours era rather than lee arron)

Anyway, sabbath existed before the 80s and were pretty hip in the day


and you know what? i actually know some rocker type peoples too, and they really aren't too bad a crew when you take the time to get to know them... can't we all just get along?

(couldn't resist adding this pic)


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Cool Ossie picture.

Okay, gotta sound off fer just a second...

The four of us headed to Barrymore's after a few beers and things at home. We got there and stood outside having a smoke before going in. To kill time I poked my head in the door. Here is the conversation that ensued:

Me: You guys still charging a cover? (it was about 12:30 or so)

Big Fat Door Prick: Yeah.

Me: Are they between sets or has the last set already started?

BFDP: They're between sets.

Guy Standing Behind Me On The Stairs: They're playing three sets tonight.

Me (to BFDP): Are they on their first or second set break?

BFDP: They're between sets.

Me (to GSBMOTS): You seem to know what's going on, what set break are they on?

GSBMOTS: First, two sets to go.

Me (to both): Cool, thanks guys.

So I go out and join my friends, they finish their smokes and we walk through the door, $5 bills in hand. The Big Fat Door Prick immediately says we're too drunk and he's not letting us in. I wasn't too drunk, and neither were my friends, and he wouldn't have been able to tell if my friends were drunk 'cuz honestly they weren't even through the door yet! I'm convinced he was pissed 'cuz I said to the other guy "you know what's going on," though I certainly didn't mean to insult anybody. What pisses me off most is that this moron arbitrarily decided to cheat Chickenhead out of our collective $20 cover. Plus the fact that we were meeting folks in there. I mean, really, too drunk for Chickenhead! It's like getting kicked out of Guns n Roses for doing too much drugs.

Ps Thanks GM for the nice comment re bob loblaw

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