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administration - error!


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I am a bad man. Anyone who knows me, knows that already, but...

In attempting to reply to the thread on Little Feat, something fucked up, and in going back to edit my post (so that it could actually say something, instead of just quoting Bouche), I seem to have caused some sort of error. Apparently, I'm supposed to alert you...

I'd invite you to slap me in the head, but it's a rather long and expensive plane ride to take just for the pleasure of causing me pain. Of course, some of you might think that it might be worth it...


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Generally, the types of errors you'll see like that aren't that big of a deal.

They might look like your post is screwed up...but in fact, your post was submitted.

Other times, you merely have to hit F5 to refresh your page.

Clicking on a topic will, at times, return an error.

It's mainly because the engine that's running the forum gets bogged down at times.

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