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Old-time hockey


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I scored free tickets to the Sens game last night and BOY was it worth it! 7th row heaven. Best seats in the house for the brawl......

The game was moving along and there wasnt too much action. I turned to Dog At The Station (I brought him along on the free ride) and said "This is like watching Sweden against Switzerland. we aint gonna see notin'!"

2 minutes later, Kelly 'Ugly Helmet' Buchberger chased Andre Roy around enticing him to tangle. well, Roy dropped his gloves and PUMMELED this poor chap. I figured that was it. Another couple of face-offs and Grateful Deadmarsh jumped all over Wade Redden right after the puck was dropped. Something was going down and we had no idea what was up. I still dont know what started all of the madness.

So a couple of more fights and before we realize it, Roy and Potvin are tangled up in Potvins crease (literally RIGHT IN FRONT OF US. We were in line with the goaline to Potvins left)Potvin gives Roy a couple of shots and then Roy hits him. Potvins blocker takes a shot at Roy, Roy starts hitting him and then 5 freaking Kings start storming! Roy is slowly backing, with fists up, ready to start throwing them at the first King within a shot. I havent seen anything like that in a looooooooong time. So the brawl ensues and it is utter madness. EVERYONE is standing and screaming, I could have sworn Garcia just opened a Dead show with Darkstar!

Chris Neil is just feeding Miko Elo-Never-Fought-In-His-Life-Ranta. I mean FEEDING him. Before you know it, Adam Mair is barrelling in from the blueline (he had jumped the bench). He comes flying in, takes out both fighters AND the ref (watch that suspension folks!)

Meanwhile, at the Sens bench, Potvin is skating around and delivering cheap shots to Sens players that are tangled up. So what does Hurme do? Leaves his net. HERE WE GO!

They start fighting but Hurme cant get his trapper off so he has teammates on the bench take it off for him!


Beautiful stuff here folks. That was pure entertainment and whomever thinks they need to get fighting out of hockey was definitely NOT in that arena tonight, the crowd was going balistic!

When all was said and done, 174 penalty minutes were given out. A few Sens records were broken let me tell you.

After that, there wasnt too much more I was concerned with, I could have gone home. The Sens lost (which is good for my Habs) and the suspensions will be handed out in a few days

Here are my three *'s of the game:

The first star goes to Adam Mair. His face is torn up right now having had surgery to repair his cheekbone from a puck not so long ago. He has bloody screws in his face and puts his career in jeopardy, all to save a European teammate. Gotta respect that and the fact he got 47 minutes in penalties on that play PLUS 3 game misconducts. ATTA BOY ADAM!

The second star goes to Andre Roy. Pummels Buchberger and THEN tangles with Felix, knowing the rath he is about to face from 5 Kings and 1 Jacques Martin.

The third star goes to Martin Havlat. I didnt notice him on the ice too much but boy did he have us laughing on the drive home. The New RO was interviewing him and he reminded us of the french goalie in Slapshot. Hilarious stuff "well, it is too bad we lost the game, but we won the fight"....you sure did Marty, you sure did.

Actually, here is a fourth star. Thanks for those tickets Rob, too bad you couldnt make it.


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Twas a sweet game...Even if they did lose and you still get your entertainment value...

Little story off-topic...I stayed overnight at the Corel Centre a couple of years ago to get Sens playoff tickets...Was a good 10 hour wait in some cold weather...Anyways, paid 60 bucks to see the Sens lose 1-0 to Buffalo. One of the most boring games I have every seen.

The ball-hockey game on the roof of the convenience store was much more exciting than that one! smile.gif" border="0

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