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Leave nero out of it


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I think Kung is a homophobe.

I appreciate this post far less than one that has some harmless fun attached with it. Both parties are fully functionning adults that are capable of discerning for themselves what is right and what is wrong.

Everyone thank yourself that this site is Bouche's and not Kung's because Bouche wouldn't be apt to censor posts as much as Kung likely would.

Were you at the show, kung? do you even know the boys from Nero all that well?? If you did you'd likley realize that they enjoy all sorts of humour - off colour AND conservative alike. Perhaps it's a level of wit you can't fully appreciate, as your free flow of thought is blocked by an oppressive sense of closed minded, militant, religious tendencies. Maybe monkey see monkey do wasn't a game you should've played when you were a kid.

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